10 Things That Happen When You’re Still Friends With Your Hometown Crew

This post is not for those of you who have one to four friends from high school that you still keep in touch with and grab dinner and drinks with whenever you’re in town. This is for those of you who still roll deep to bars with the same group of people you rolled to the slide with at recess in elementary school. This is for those of you who went away to college and made new friends, but still managed to keep the old ones. This is for those of you who graduated from college years ago, but still hang out with your high school friends almost every weekend.

Same friends, different decade. Here are 10 things that happen when you’re still friends with your group of high school friends in your 20s:


1. You don’t care about each other’s careers. You all went your own separate ways after high schools and you all studied and got experience doing different things. You’re not friends because you have similar career goals and interests. You’re friends because you played Rugrats together at the playground in 4th grade and because you got zebra highlights together in 8th grade.

2. Despite the fact you basically have nothing in common except for the fact you grew up in the same town, you ALWAYS have something to talk about. And it’s probably either about 1. sex, 2. other people, or 3. sex.

3. Any maturity you acquired over the years is thrown out the window when you’re together. This is mostly due to the fact that boundaries do not exist when it comes to conversing with your high school friends (see above for favorite topic of conversation: sex). No matter where you guys are, you’ll talk about your sex lives loud and proud and make anyone around you extremely uncomfortable.

4. You’re friends with each other’s siblings. Age gaps don’t matter when you get older, so now you and your friends hang out with everyones’ siblings and their friends. Here’s a fun story: One time I found myself at a strip club with my high school friends, one of their siblings, and his girlfriend. It was weird, but it also wasn’t because #family.

5. You will be able to change/get naked in front of each other without thinking twice about it. This goes for guys AND girls. They’ve seen you at your worst, they’ve seen you at your best, and chances are they’ve seen you drop trou in the woods after a party in high school got broken up by the cops. At least your vagina is toned now. And as for your breasts, a tits a tit, and if we’re being honest here your private parts probably aren’t that special… especially to the people who knew you existed when you were gross and disgusting with braces.

6. You actually look forward to high school reunions. But you don’t really care about Thanksgiving Eve because every weekend is like Thanksgiving Eve for you. No lie, my high school class somehow managed to have a makeshift 8 year reunion at the local bar over the holidays. Who does this? Why is everyone still friends? Didn’t the majority of us go off to college to make new friends? What is wrong with us?

7. You are all probably eskimo brothers and sisters. You’ve been friends for over a decade. Everyone was bound to hook up with (and/or date) one another at some point. And even if you only hooked up with one person in your group of friends, you’re probably connected to everyone else just by that one person. Good luck explaining this to your sig-oths. They just won’t get it.

8. The closeness of your co-ed group of friends has caused problems for you with relationships and even other friendships. It’s hard for someone to come into a group of friends who have been close for decades. Sometimes you wonder if everyone in your group is just going to end up together after each failed relationship, but then you come back to reality, remember that you know each other well enough to know what truly awful people you are, and realize what a horrible idea that would be. Your life isn’t a sitcom on NBC that will get cancelled after seven episodes air of season one. Or maybe it is.

9. Sig-oths, people’s college friends, and other randoms have joined your group along the way and you now forget that those people didn’t go to high school with you. You group everyone you hang out with together as [SUBURBAN TOWN NAME HERE], so it’s fitting. These people also seem to only hang out with your group of friends anyway, so how would you remember that they have other friends? I mean, do they? Do friendships exist outside of your group of friends?

10. Naturally, your friends will get on your nerves often forcing you to think about putting yourself out there and creating a whole new group of friends, but then you get together and you realize this is where you belong. Your friendship has lasted this long, so chances are it’s not going anywhere. Sure you might not get to hang out as much anymore because people are busy now and have moved elsewhere, but you’ll still be friends for life, no matter what.

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