The 10 Worst Things About People Who Leave Voicemails


1. They are still using the phone to call people. What do they think this is? 2004?

2. They don’t understand it’s easier to text than leave to a voicemail. If you really need to talk to me, can’t you just text me asking me to call you?

3. They also don’t understand it’s easier to email than leave a voicemail. Are you a company calling about a prospective job? A doctor’s office calling about an appointment? A co-worker calling from FIVE DESKS DOWN? Because you know you can just email me, right?

4. They usually leave awkward and unnecessarily long messages that leave you feeling uncomfortable after. At least in a text or email you can take time to make yourself seem intelligent and of course, get to your point as quickly as possible.

5. They sometimes leave a different phone number for you to call them back on that is different from the phone number they called you on. When this happens, you have to replay the voicemail a thousand times until you can write down the number that you have to call them back on.

6. They are the reason you have to record a voicemail message. Which is actually the most awkward thing ever, especially when you have to record one for your work phone in your office while other people can hear you.

7. They think you listen to your voicemail. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. They get mad when you don’t listen to your voicemail.

9. They get mad when you text them back instead of calling them back. “Hey – you called?” If I send that text to you, take it as a compliment. It means I actually want to talk to you.

10. They get mad that your voicemail is full. Well, if people like you didn’t leave me so many unnecessary voicemails, this wouldn’t be a problem, would it?!

Samantha Matt

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  1. We understand you might not use VMs everyday, but every now and then a voicemail can capture the pure joy/importance of a moment that you could never get with Email or Text.

    With voicemails you can hear a persons personality and mood at that exact moment – Their humor, wit, and sarcasm 😉

    Unfortunately, sometimes voicemails might be the last recording of someones voice. You might not have much use for VM now, but saving a recently departed loved ones voice can help people keep a piece of that person alive in their memory.

    Either way, we’re always here to help if you ever need it, young whippersnapper :). Oh yeah … get off our lawn 🙂

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