Why ‘Getting Slimed’ Was The Weirdest Part Of The 90s

Remember ‘getting slimed?’ 

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Of course you do. I mean, chances are you were probably never actually slimed, but you definitely watched people get slimed every day on your favorite shows… like Figure It Out.



You probably didn’t know it at the time, but slime was actually introduced to the world in 1979 on the show “You Can’t Do That On Television.” If a contestant said “Idk” they would get slimed. Today in 2016 if someone said “idk” and got slimed because of it, that would be rape.


And that is because ‘getting slimed’ was literally the weirdest and most sexual thing ever to be popular on a children’s television network.


But we didn’t stop at just “getting slimed.” On the show “Double Dare” slime came out of this nose.



On “Wild and Crazy Kids,” they used a thicker type of slime called “blap.”



On “Figure It Out,” there was “secret slime action.”



On “Weinerville” (which come onnnnnnnn) slime was the “Special Topping” you got in Playland. STOP. I SHOULD JUST STOP.


This show is the reason for literally all of my nightmares.


In “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie,” there was a ride at “EuroReptarland” that was filled with slime called “the Ooey-Gooey World Ride.” WHAT THE FUCK.




But slime wasn’t just on TV. It was also a toy.



Which later became “Gak.”



And then there was green slime shampoo.



And slime shoes.

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What was wrong with us? I have no idea, but we fucking loved slime.

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