27 Gifts 20-Something Women Actually Want


These 26 gifts are perfect for the twentysomething women in your life. Happy gifting!


1. Madewell Tote Bag – For the business b*tch


I own this bag in the English Saddle color, and it’s amazing. It’s, trendy, not TOO expensive (compared to other totes), and it goes with everything. Would recommend to all!

Nordstrom, $188


2. Kindle Paperwhite – For the one who likes to read and stuff


If she likes to read, she’ll want a new Kindle. New technology! More reading! Yay!

Amazon, $129.99


3. 2020 – 2021 Planner – For your busiest friend

Why plan in your phone when you can plan in an IRL notebook? It screams “I’m busy so please stop trying to make plans with me.” So yes, it’s necessary.

Amazon, $12.99


4. Wine Glass Bottle – For the one who drinks a fuck ton of wine


If she drinks the whole bottle once she opens the bottle, get her the wine bottle glass. She’ll loooooooove it.

Amazon, $13.99


5. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 9 Instant Camera – For the one who is always taking pictures


These instant cameras are SO FUCKING CUTE. Whether you’re taking pics at parties, at weddings, on vacation, or wherever, retro pictures are the best. And they make adorable apartment decor, too.

Amazon, $54.99


6. “Average is the New Awesome,” a funny book about life in the real world

“Average is the New Awesome” is a funny and insightful collection of stories, lists, and quizzes that encourage people to be happy about wherever they are in life, no matter how ‘average’ it makes them feel. Perfect for 20-somethings, the book proves that as long as you’re accomplishing stuff, whether it be big or small, you’re doing awesome on the journey to whatever is next. Based on many of the articles I’ve published on this very website over the past nine years, the book is written by yours truly and has received much praise, including being named a book to read in 2020 by Betches, a best self-help book by Parade, and a best personal growth book by Book Riot.

Amazon, $12.97


7. Kendra Scott pendant necklace – For the classic girl

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 5.53.55 PM

Believe it or not, these necklaces are trendy AND timeless. They’re also not too expensive! I have the matching Kendra Scott earrings and they go with everything. The necklace will too.

Amazon, $50


8. Canada Goose Jacket – For the one trying to survive winter


Canada Goose jackets are warm as fuck and will help you survive the brutal months that are winter. I own the Canada Goose Gabriola jacket and am obsessed. The Canada Goose Shelburne is also great if you’re shopping for someone who might want the fur hood (I personally did not). Not only will the jackets save you from winter, but they’re slim fitting too, so it will make you thin, unlike a large puffer (UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH winter, making poor people look bigger than they really are since the beginning of time, or at least since winter jackets were created).

Gabriola: Nordstrom, $825

Sheburne: Nordstrom, $995


9. For the fitness class fanatic – Lululemon Align Pant


I am obsessed with Lululemon’s Align leggings. Like, I’m pretty sure they are the most comfortable leggings in the entire world. They are basically spandex for the soul. And the best part – they LAST. None of my other yogas – expensive or inexpensive – seem to last. Lululemons yoga pants really do though. Side note: If you’re shopping for a short person, the 21″ Align pants are the way to go. I’m 5″2 and this is what I wear!

Lululemon, $98


10. Rifle Paper Co. Monogram Mug – For the coffee lover

Know someone with a Starbucks addiction? Get them a mug that will maybe convince them to make coffee at home and stop spending a million dollars a month ordering coffee on the go. I own this mug and love it, although I still go to Starbucks a decent amount. I do make coffee at home more than before though!

Anthropologie, $14


11. Copper Solo Cup – For the one who just graduated and is attempting to adult


Upgrade from a red solo cup to a ~copper solo cup~ because #adulthood.

Amazon, $17.99


12. Capri Blue Jar Candle – For the one who is adulting hard


Candles not only smell good, but they can be awesome decor. Capri Blue’s Volcano scented candles are hands down the best smelling candles ever. And they come in THIS packaging (and others). It’s a double win for gift giving. Seriously, I gave on to my mom for her birthday and she was blown away by the smell. I would also recommend the Reed Diffuser. It solves all bathroom problems; a great gift for someone who may have just moved in with their boyfriend (stinky bathrooms? no thx).

Anthropologie, $32


13. POPSUGAR Must Have Box – For the one who likes surprises


I feel like I am always writing about the POPSUGAR box. Mostly because I cancelled my membership a year ago when I lost my job and became unemployed and I miss it. Also because I want someone to buy it for me. This box meant I got a gift every month. A great gift. Full of trendy, awesome stuff. REALLY, THIS IS NOT AN AD. It’s just that great.

POPSUGAR, $39.95 a month (valued at over $100 a month) and $15.95 a month for the mini


14. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – For the one who always insists you listen to their music at the party


Bring this to the beach, to a friend’s apartment, to wherever. If she likes music, give her the gift of Bose. Bluetooth Bose.

Amazon, $129


15. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – For the high-maintenance one


I know, I know. $399 is a lot of fucking money for a HAIR DRYER you can get for like 1/100th of the cost at Target. But the Dyson hair dryer is worth it. Believe me. It dries hair faster and won’t damage your hair from heat. It’s also, like, really pretty.

Sephora, $399


16. But first, coffee thermal mug – For the one who is always drinking coffee


First of all, this cup is cute as fuck. Second, it’s perfect for coffee people. COFFEE ALWAYS COMES FIRST, DUH.

Amazon, $18


17. The Hangover Cookbook – For the home chef who likes to ~party~


But why is hungoevr spelled like that? Idk, this is just amusing to me, so I put it on the list. WHY NOT.

Amazon, from $7.29


18. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler – For the one who likes things (wow, I’m running out of ideas)

This makeup spray changed my life. I’m just kidding, it didn’t change my life. But it actually works. It makes my makeup last all day and gives my face the glow it lost in my mid-late 20s. It’s not cheap, and this duo is a value buy. If she wears makeup, she’ll love it!

Sephora, $26 ($46 value)


19. Fitbit Charge 3 – For the fitness fanatic

New Fitbit, new motivation to hit dem steps.

Amazon, $98


20. Lou & Grey Sweatpants – For the one who fucking hates pants

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 6.25.33 PM

These are the most comfortable sweatpants EVER. I am obsessed with my Lou & Grey sweatpants (I’m actually wearing them right now), and know they would be loved by anyone.

Nordstrom, $69.50


21. Crock-Pot – For the one who is bordering recent grad/domestic goddess status


Slow cookers are a great way to start cooking gourmet meals. And they’re necessary if you want to cook homemade meals while busy with work, the gym, and a social life. I have owned this Crock-Pot for years and still use it ALL the time.

Amazon, $39.99


22. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb – For the LADY


Ladies smell good. Is she a lady? Do you want her to be a lady? Get her a lady gift.

Sephora, $85


23. Sorry I Am Such An Asshole Balloon – For the one you ignored texts from all year, but still love



Adam JK Gift Shop, $10


24. Chloe Leather Satchel – For the one who loves EXPENSIVE bags


If you can afford it, she will appreciate it.

Nordstrom, $1,990


25. For the one who likes experiences over material things – A vacation.

A night in a hotel, just because. A weekend getaway somewhere you don’t have to fly to (#roadtrip). A long weekend just a short flight away in paradise. A week (or longer) excursion overseas or across the country. Most of the time, experiences are better than material things. A trip or a night away is the most thoughtful gift because you are planning something. Browse TripAdvisor for ideas (I swear by TripAdvisor rankings for hotels and restaurants), and Expedia for prices. A little research and effort never hurt anybody.


26. For the one you legit have no idea what to buy – Gift cards!

Screw people who say gift cards are the worst, least thoughtful gift. I LOVE gift cards. I enjoy shopping – and I enjoy picking out my own shit. People KNOW that about me, so they get me gift cards to the places I enjoy so I can continue spending money because I love spending money. If you know someone who enjoys spending money, get them a gift card!


Sephora Gift Card


Starbucks Gift Card

Other gift cards!

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