20 Things Everyone In Their 20s F*cking Hates

For some reason, people in their 20s are all lumped together as one stereotype. This is weird to me, because I’m 28 and I am literally nothing like a 20-year-old (or am I? I know I’m kind of immature but I’m just going to make this bold assumption about myself). We grew up with different pop music (Nsync/BSB vs Jonas Brothers/One Direction) and different cult movie classic (Literally every classic Disney movie vs High School Musical). We dress differently. We party differently. We’re fucking different, okay?

But even though we’re at different points in our lives, there are a few things we have in common. We both hate the same things! Not all the same things, but I promise you no 20-something enjoys these 20 things. I mean, do you? Being an adult is hard, everything sucks, life is hard, the end.

Here are 20 things I hate that you probably hate, too. Let’s bond over our mutual hate, younger 20-somethings. For every shot you take, I’ll chug a water. It will be fun.


1. Waiting in line.

Lines at bars. Lines at grocery stores. Lines of cars in traffic. We don’t have time for this shit. MOVE IT ALONG PEOPLE.



2. Paying the cable bill.

Why is it so expensive?



3. Being micro-managed.

I do what I want.



4. People who won’t split the bill.



5. Running out of data.

Verizon says you’ve used 98% of your data this month. You say FUCK.



6. When you don’t feel like going out, but you have to go out because it’s someone’s birthday.



7. Being asked when you’re going to get engaged.



8. What you can actually get for an apartment within your budget.



9. When your rent is raised.

Or paying rent in general.



10. Friends of friends that you don’t like, but you have to pretend to like.



11. People who use Facebook to rant.

Stop trying to make Facebook statuses happen again. They’re not going to happen.



12. Restaurants and/or parking meters that don’t take credit cards.

No one carries cash on them anymore, duh.



13. When your phone keeps going off while you’re trying to sleep due to a mass text.



14. When the Netflix connection goes out.




15. Talking on the phone.

Can’t you just text me?



16. Celebrities that lose weight 30 days after giving birth.

Sorry we’re not sorry that YOUR JOB IS TO WORK OUT and we don’t have the time for that. Celebs – they’re not like us.



17. Moving.

Can’t I just not pay someone to do this for me?



18. Cold offices.

Every office is cold. Fact.

giphy (8)


19. Waking up when it’s still dark out.



20. Younger 20-somethings.

Anyone younger than you at the bar is annoying. UGH HUMANS.


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