I am not Irish. However, I grew up in a mostly Irish town outside Boston… and if you didn’t know, Boston is pretty Irish. I don’t feel the need to drink today. In fact, I am staying true to my diet and already denied beers and other food items… SORRY everyone! Sometimes you have to skip the good stuff to get a good outcome. Don’t worry though – my spirit still remains… Last week, I pub crawled all around Boston wearing green gear alllllll day – and I am prepared to do it again Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (Southie’s St. Patty’s Day parade!)

This is my first St. Patty’s Day as a college grad. A year ago from today, I was at Senor Frogs in the Bahamas sipping a yard margarita, having some clown make my friends and I balloon “animals,” drunk eating all the food at the hotel buffet (thanks all inclusive resort), getting really sick, and then staying in the hotel room by myself for the night crying on the phone to my boyfriend that I was “food poisoned” (you could only imagine the phone bill for those out of country calls & texts I couldn’t resist).

And now for my tribute to St. Patty’s from a Jew who enjoys drinking, dancing, & fun with friends (while also staying healthy!)…

Irish Boston gear. Those shoes look pretty cool.

“Shipping Up To Boston” of course… one of our many theme songs. Three days of Dropkick concerts to kick off the festivities.

Green beer… Lots of beer is around the office, but nothing green… soooooo nothing that sparks my interest.

OMG Shamrock Shake from McD’s! I’ve never had one before, but I want to try one!!! I loveee vanilla milkshakes. Stupid diet.

Here are some green cupcakes to go with the Shamrock Shake… they look so YUM. Once again, stupid diet.


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