It seems like 2007 was yesterday. But really, it does. The other day, I went to write the date down and I literally wrote down the year 2012. Then I was like, no, that’s not right, so I wrote 2014 instead. And then I was like fuck, that was three years ago. HOW DID WE GET TO HERE GUYS? HOW DID WE GET TO 2017?

In 2007, I was in college. I was a freshman and then I became a sophomore and I was absolutely out of control. I posted way too much to social media (which was pretty much just Facebook). I was way too into Abercrombie and Fitch still, at least for the first half of the year. And I fucking loved T-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’). And Kanye’s entire Graduation album.

Obviously I am not in college anymore. I graduated almost seven years ago, and 2007 was actually ten years ago. And while it might feel like ten years haven’t gone by, they have (howwwwwwwwwww). It’s scary – especially when you realize that 2012 was five years ago and literally not much has changed since that year. But a lot has changed since 2007!

Here are 22 things that were normal in 2007 that aren’t now…


1. Bringing your phone, iPod, AND camera with you every where you went because they each served a purpose.


2. Not leaving your phone on silent.

I mean, we went as far as having RINGTONES. Now, if you don’t leave your phone on silent, you are obviously a psychopath.



3. Fearing getting arrested and going to jail because you were still illegally downloading songs from Limewire, Kazaa, and video to MP3 websites. Shhhhh.



4. Posting bumper stickers to Facebook (AKA the OG Pinterest, and also the OG Instagram, basically the OG home of memes)



5. Having photoshoots with Photobooth on your trendy Macbook (AKA the OG selfie cam)



6. Doing the Soulja Boy dance in public (and also in private).



7. Uploading 60+ pics from a random party to Facebook and putting them in one album appropriately titled after a popular rap song.

A live look at one of my Facebook album from 10 years ago:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 9.45.44 PM


8. Editing your pics in iPhoto before uploading them to Facebook.

Filters b4 filters. I used to make my photos darker so I would look more tan. If only I came up with Instagram first.



9. Secretly creeping into your old Myspace to check comments and messages.

You did this because you hadn’t yet come to terms with the fact you should probably delete this creepy ass profile about yourself now that you have Facebook.



10. Miley Cyrus. But literally, she was normal in 2007.



11. Rocking gigantic headbands that gave us headaches.

I can literally feel the ends of this headband digging into behind my ears. It hurts. IT HURTS SO BAD.


12. Wearing cotton tank tops and stretchy camisoles to da club.

Or “da house party.” Or “da public place at night.” Rachel Bilson wore a wife beater with wedge sandals to an event. Enough said.



13. Wearing Uggs with normal outfits, or what classified as normal in 2007.

Even celebrities followed this trend.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library


14. Wearing cropped leggings under skirts and dresses.

This was exactly how we transitioned into wearing un-cropped leggings under nothing. I wore these, and I wore them UNDERNEATH DENIM SKIRTS. I was the worst.



15. Thinking tube tops were, like, really fashionable.

Usually I can understand why we thought something looked good back in the day, but when I look at tube tops, my mind goes blank. I don’t get it, and I fear the day they become cool again.



16. Joining a bunch of random Facebook groups.

And also making random Facebook groups.


17. Writing on your friends walls instead of texting them.




18. Buying and watching DVDs.

The OC complete series was my bible.


19. Rolling up your Soffe shorts to make sure a tasteful amount of your butt cheek showed.



20. Wearing (and/or wanting) designer jeans that made it known you were wearing designer jeans on the butt.

We were label whores back then. Now, not so much. These Sevens were blinged out – I had a pair like them, sue me.



21. Rocking sweatpants that had writing on the butt in public.

2007 was pretty much the last year we did this, which is good because it still scares me. Thank god for the discovery of yoga pants.



22. Tiny vests.

Never forget.




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