1.     She’s a twenty-something! (She’s 29)

2.     She can actually sing

3.     She can play a princess

anna kendrick into the woods

4.     But also knows how to make fun of them

anna kendrick snl

5.     She’s not afraid to be vulgar on social media

  6.     She keeps it real 


7. She’s an OSCAR-NOMINATED actress (before her Oscar-worthy performance as Jessica in the Twilight Series, she earned raves in her “actual” Oscar-nominated performance with George Clooney in Up in the Air) 

anna kendrick twilight      

8. She knows how to do fashion

anna kendrick red carpet    

  9.  She fangirls over Meryl      

10. She falls in love with Jeremy Jordan (SMASH) in her second movie musical, The Last Five Years

anna kendrick the last five years          

11.  She’s been on Broadway and earned a Tony Nomination at 12     

12. She can rap (riff off)  

13. She believes puppies are the ultimate hangover cure 

  14. She’s a huge dork 


15. She doesn’t give a f*ck what you think of her 

16. She has bad hair days 


17. She got knocked up by Nate Archibald in What to Expect When You’re Expecting 

18. She loves Aubrey Plaza as much as we do

She acts all mean and detached but she’s a fucking rainbow-colored softie at heart. #AubreyPlaza #LifeAfterBeth #CameosAreFun   A photo posted by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

19. She knows how to do classic-cool for Kate Spade 

anna kendrick kate spade a

20. She starred in a K-Pop music video


21. She loves Beyoncé

22. She asks the really important questions

23. She can turn a one-hit wonder into a worldwide phenomenon

24. She’s aca-mazing


Hannah Gettleman is a bubbly twenty-something living in Chicago. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Journalism. Don't tell her that print is dying--she's already made the switch to public relations. As a Midwest girl, winter happens approximately 80% of the year, so she knows a thing or two about a good pair of snow boots. She lives for summer weather (even though she can never tan), Boy Meets World reruns, and an unhealthy addiction to dark chocolate and online shopping. She's a die-hard Chicago sports fan, even though she's well aware the Cubs always end up in last place every year.

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