Blame your friends. Blame your mom. Blame the lack of Internet. You were most likely as basic as they came in the 90s. I mean, I was the most basic. Basic AF if you will. I was a Limited Too wearing, TRL watching, Beanie Baby collecting girl and chances are, you were too.

Here are 25 signs you were a basic b*tch in the 90s:

1. You occasionally took the bottom of your shirt and pulled it through the top to create a crop top. Because this was the closest you could get to resembling Britney Spears. #Fashion


2. You tried to wear a bandana as a shirt at least once. Gurlllllll you so trendy.

images (3)

3. You didn’t have one furby. You had two, so they could talk to each other. This picture is a great representation of every nightmare I’ve ever had.


4. Butterfly clips, ALL DAY.


5. You rocked your Baby G watch with pride. This ain’t no Michael Kors.

images (4)

6. And your overalls.


7. You never left your house without your super awesome tattoo choker necklace. I feel like this was the worst trend in the history of trends. I also feel like this was maybe really uncomfortable, but it’s always been fashion over comfort for me… even when I was 10.


8. You learned the dance to Britney’s “Crazy” from watching Darren’s Dance Grooves an endless amount of times. I also knew the Jordan Knight dance. You know, from the video with the roller coaster.


9. When on vacation, you got corn rows and corn row twists and left them in for WEEKS. And we thought this looked good because…


10. You also got hair wraps, in which you sometimes left in until the entire hair wrap fell off your head — including all the hair in it. Or at least I did. So much hair… gone. What the fuck.


11. You also always made sure to purchase a shell necklace. It looked really good with your tan.


12. Whenever you played Spice Girls, you were always Baby Spice or Posh Spice.


13. You had an outfit that made you look like it was Halloween and you were dressed up as an Asian. Or your great grandmother in her nightgown.


14. You purchased body glitter and rubbed it literally all over your body — including all over your eye lids as eye shadow. I put glitter allllll around my eyes. How I can still see is beyond me.


15. You had so much Art Stuff (not just body glitter), you barely even used any of it.



16. You had Teva’s. Everyone had Teva’s. NBD.


17. Princess Diana? She was an expensive, purple beanie baby and you obviously had her showcased in your bedroom.

download (1)

18. You had a necklace with a ying yang pendant on it. Ying yangs, so hot right now, ying yangs.


19. You watched TRL, like, every day.


20. Your mood ring always knew what kind of mood you were in.


21. You didn’t know what a skirt was because you only rocked skorts, duh. 

you might think im a skirt but lol im not

22. You were always equipped with at least three different lip gloss flavors. Alllllll the Lip Smackers.


23. You only wore clothing where the brand name or logo was front and center. Two words: Limited Too.


24. Flare jeans and platform sandals were your version of yoga pants and Uggs. AHHHHHHHHHH.


25. You actually thought all of the above was cool. GOSH YOU WERE SO BASIC. You can go shave your back hair now.

(I still want to be Cher though)



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