1. It was ALL about the cookies.

2. You promised yourself you’d beat the other girls and sell the most cookies to get a new badge, but in reality, you waited to the last minute, sold a few to your neighbors and family members, then told your parents to take the form to work with them.

3. It was more about selling the most cookies than actually learning about money management.

4. Before the cookie finder and their availability in grocery stores and online with a credit card, you sold cookies door-to-door or at cookie booths.

5. You bought six boxes of thin mints and told yourself you’d freeze them, but you actually ate them all within a week. #noshame (By the way, thin mints are BOMB when frozen)

the most interesting man in the world girl scout cookies

6. None of this nonsense about “Samoas”–they’re CARAMEL DELITES.

7. Boy Scout Popcorn< Girl Scout Cookies. 

girl scout cookies

8. Now that you’re older, you have to use your connections IRL so you can do your part and help a local Girl Scout in your community. 

9. If you were a TRUE girl scout, you started as a Daisy, then a Brownie, then a Junior, Cadette, Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout.

Image via pgmagirlscouts.org
Image via pgmagirlscouts.org

10. That vest looks repulsive now (save for Halloween costumes), but it was the coolest uniform during your involvement with the Scouts. 

11. It taught you important life skills, like entrepreneurship and how to build a fire.

12. You wanted your vest/sash to be as decorative as possible. 

13. You even had the matching American Girl Doll uniform.

American Girl Girl Scout Uniform

14. Girl scout songs paved the way for camp songs, and now everything comes full circle.

15. You were either super-involved or joined because your mom thought you needed to socialize more.

16. There were definitely some badges you earned even if you miiiight not have complete the requirements correctly.

17. Or you got one just for showing up to something.

18. Your mom sewed all your badges because you couldn’t even if you tried, it wouldn’t come out as pretty as hers did.

19. Before “Dance Moms”, there were Cookie Moms–moms who led cookie sales and fought over cookie booths with other moms. The same moms who volunteered for PTO, Room Moms and class field trips.

20. If your mom was your troop leader, you were either embarrassed or acted like the Queen B.

21. The Girl Scout Song “Make new friends/But keep the old/One is silver/And the other’s gold”…like what does that even mean? Which one is silver and which one is gold? Now it’s engrained in your brain foreverrrrrr.

22. Along with the Girl Scout Motto: You certainly tried your best “to live by the Girl Scout Law”. Well, most of the time.

23. Putting your right hand in the three-finger salute *scouts honor*

24. In high school, you worked hard to get your Gold Award. But, you know, things like AP classes and homework and ACT prep and boys got in the way. You learned time management early.

25. The saying “Peace Out, Girl Scout” rings true to this day. 


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