Everyone claims their conference in college is the best. That is, until they experience real football, real tailgating and real beauty that is a school in the SEC. I was #blessed to go to The University of South Carolina. You all know about us, the real USC, the real Carolina, the ones who live/breathe the hating of Clemson. That’s us, that’s me. I only got to spend three years at USC but man do I wish it was a lifetime. Good thing, I’ll always be a Cock wherever I live. I compiled a list—which was very hard because I miss everything about USC—of the things I miss each and every day.

1. The Horseshoe and all of its beauty. Especially when College Game-Day came.

2. The bricks. Everyone tripped on them and everyone loved it.

3. The entire campus was beautiful; walking to class was always one perfect Instagram photo.    

4. All of the places you could find in Russell House.

5. The old journalism and business schools where having service was unnecessary.

6. MNP, because who doesn’t love $1 watered down drinks and fake IDs.

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7. Carolina/Clemson Blood Drive, when beating Clemson off the field was just as sweet as beating them on it. TBH all things Carolina/Clemson.  

8. Wearing a ‘COCKS’ shirt and thinking nothing of it.

9. Watching Friday morning walk of shames, after Halloween was gold.

10. Sorority/Fraternity functions/Mixers. All the themes, all the fun.

11. Steve Spurrier… Still sad TBH.

12. Koozies… Koozies everywhere for everything at any point in the day. 13. “Snow Days” that consisted of maybe some snow, maybe some ice, maybe nothing at all. 14. GAME. 15. How getting up early on a Saturday wasn’t an issue because we knew all the fun stuff to come. 16. SEC people knowing how to tailgate and showing it every Saturday. 17. Pre-Game. Sandstorm, Welcome to Willy B, Under Armor, 2001. I have chills thinking about it.

18. Being at football games in the student section. Being in the normal population just isn’t as fun as standing the whole game with 10k of your closes friends.   

19. The Bojangles across from the Stadium.

20. COCKS.

21. PINCH, babe, miss you more than anything. I’ll be back to bar dance soon, promise. Xoxo.

1471894_10152429520173222_944986061_n22. Village, Jakes, Bird Dog, can I get $2 liquor/Adios MF’ers in the real world too please? RIP Kildares, but also need real life fishbowls.

23. GROUCHOS. Someone mail me the sauce please.

24. Pre-gaming a long night by starting at Tio’s.

25. Late night Jimmy Johns, Beezers, Grilled T, chicken on a stick, any other sketch 5 Points food you can acquire after hours.

26. Having my friends so close to me, knowing they were always close by and just a short drive or walk away. Knowing we had plans together every weekend whether we talked about it not. I miss getting to be with my favorite people in our favorite place, 24/7.



Courtney is what you can call a northern-southern belle. Grew up a Mass-hole, took some southern lessons in SC and is now back north trying to figure out the white stuff on the ground. She enjoys all things Britney Spears and sports. Puppies bring her as much joy as a nice cold cup of ice coffee. If you'd like to know more about her mad life, follow her on Twitter/Instagram - @cacharroux.

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