You can be a fixer like Olivia Pope in Scandal. While you may not be fixing tense political situations like she does, you can fix things like a broken phone or your apartment heat not being turned on. Problems like this come up often in your 20s, so it’s important to be able to figure them out. Plus, when you fix a situation (or object), it’ll teach you a few things:

1. Control Can Be Beneficial

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my 20s was to stop waiting for others to take control of the situation. Sure, you might be used to your parents stepping in and taking care of things for you still, but it’s time for you to take charge! If this seems overwhelming at first, start small.


Is your closet overflowing with outfits from college? Then finally make the decision to give your clothes away or sell them so you can rebuild your wardrobe from scratch. While it may seem like a small “fix,” rebuilding your wardrobe is a good step in learning how to take charge of things so you can be ready to control the bigger issues that might happen later on. Plus, who doesn’t want to rebuild their wardrobe with a bunch of cool new clothes?

2. Self-Reliance Is a Good Thing

Your parents, roommate or significant other won’t always be there to help you with every problem you have. If your washing machine breaks and no one else is there, you’ll have to be the one to step up and fix it.

Luckily, the Internet makes fixing things a lot easier. YouTube has a ton of tutorials on just about every single topic if you get stuck. Channels like KungFuMaintenance offer tutorials for almost anything you can think of, so you can be independent and resourceful if you ever run into a snag. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you did something completely on your own and these are skills that can help you land your dream job.

Tom Hanks

3. It Will Give You Confidence

Confidence is an important trait to develop in your 20s. It guides you to success as you get older. If you don’t develop it now, you’ll end up struggling in both your personal and professional life. Knowing that you’re able to fix things yourself can give you a confidence boost like no other. It shows that you’re prepared to handle anything that comes your way. Work trouble? You can fix it. Roommate dilemma? No problem.

Fixing one situation can give you the confidence to keep tackling problems that arise, and then that confidence branches out into other aspects of your life. It’ll help you go for that big promotion you’ve been wanting or to ask out the cute barista you flirt with every time you go for your morning coffee. Confidence can change your entire world.

You can and you will fix something. And whether you realize it or not, you’ll be better for it in the end. Go out and channel your inner Olivia Pope. You won’t regret the results it brings!

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