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It’s National Dog Day, the most sacred day of the year! Dogs are the absolute best animals, and if you disagree, I will fight you. That’s no lie. Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs – especially my own dog, Baymax – more than most people. He’s a 10 month-old giant ball of endless energy and love, and if I could be a stay-at-home dog mom, I absolutely would. But, in order pay adult bills (and to spoil him in the ways in which he has become accustomed), I have to work. If I could bring Baymax to work, that would be fantastic.

You might be thinking, “Ha, yeah right. No one can take their pets to work,” but think again. More and more offices are becoming dog-friendly and allowing their employees to bring their dog and other pets with them to work. It’s a trend on the rise. If you want to convince your boss to hop on this bandwagon, here are three reasons why offices should be dog-friendly:


Dogs make employees happier.

Studies have shown that bringing your dog to work can make you feel better all day long. The stress levels of people who brought their dogs to work was significantly less than those who didn’t. Plus, when people can bring their dogs, they don’t have to worry about him/her being home alone all day, which can help employees be more focused at work. This results in increased productivity, which is always a bonus for businesses. Employees will also more likely be agreeable to working a little overtime during busy hours, because they won’t have to hurry home to check on their pet. It’s easier to feel like you have a good work-life balance when an important part of your life is with you at work.

Allowing dogs at work creates a good company culture.

According to an infographic from Washington State University, college graduates entering the workforce are willing to accept 7 percent less in pay to work for a company that has a good culture and shares their values.  And one of the highest ranked values for millennials is their pets. Many millennials are keeping pets instead of having kids (or just delaying having kids), so their parental instincts are manifested towards their furry friends instead.

That is certainly true for me, as I am regularly told to change my mind about never having kids (NO THANKS) because I am so motherly towards my dog. When a company can show that they care about what their employees care about, it creates good morale and employee satisfaction, which in turn leads to a lower turnover rate. Plus, it positively helps company culture when pets are walking around loving everyone.


Your dog will benefit too.

Well, that goes without saying, but I’m saying it (again) anyway. Nothing loves you like a dog. Dogs don’t discriminate, they are always happy, and would be even happier if they could spend all day with their owners. Most dogs love all people, and petless coworkers would also benefit from taking breaks with the dogs in the office. Plus, allowing dogs to go to work with their owners will help combat dog depression. Dog depression can manifest itself in many ways, including separation anxiety, destructiveness and lethargy. Nothing is more upsetting than coming home to a sad puppers that also spent his time that day eating your couch.


If these points don’t convince your boss that your office should welcome four-legged friends, I don’t know what will! The joy a dog will bring to a work environment is undeniable, and happy employees are productive employees.

Happy National Dog Day everyone! Give your dogs a hug from me!


Mila Sanchez is a recent graduate with a BA in English Linguistics. Her ambitions in life include traveling, studying languages, and taking pictures of her dog, Baymax.

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