– You have to buy all new clothes when you lose weight. Well not all new, but you’re going to need jeans… and if you lose an extreme amount of weight you will need new shirts, bras, and maybe even shoes?! I know, I know – this sounds awesome… but it can be a highly expensive adventure. Be prepared!

– Healthy food costs more money. Are you surprised? This is America – land of the fat. So you shouldn’t be. For example, a small portion-controlled bag of snacks cost more than a large calorie-filled bag of snacks. So which one will the cheap American buy? The large bag. And they will most likely eat the whole bag because “they just can’t stop.” Organic food is also expensive. And so is buying fruit and veggies because they go bad before you can finish them and then you have to buy MORE. So yeah, you want to lose weight? Start saving your pennies.

– You need a gym membership. Or work out stuff at home. Yeah, yeah. You can say you can run outside, do crunches in your room, and so on, but you will also need a gym membership if you’re serious about losing weight. Rain, snow, sleet, 100+ degree heat & humidity – you most likely won’t be outside running in these circumstances. Your body is going to look outside the window and then back at your television and decide that watching tv is the exact thing you need to be doing at that very moment – so you won’t do those crunches. Or lift those free weights sitting in your closet. Of course, if you’re a motivated crazy person you will be able to lose weight without the membership… but if you want to look GOOD (like celeb status good), get to the gym! Personal trainers and nutritionists also cost a lot of money – but you do not NEED those – they would just help… like a lot.


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