Please note: these are ACTUAL questions that I have for the male species, if you know the answer or can shed some light on any of this subject matter please comment below or tweet us!


Do you notice if a girl’s nails are painted?

Tits or Ass? Really, be honest.

When we sleep next to each other, are you judging me by how cute I sleep?

Do you eat Ben and Jerry’s when you are sad too?

Is there a certain time of the month you are at your horniest? Should I be aware of this just like how you are aware of the fact I will be craving chocolate and being a raging bitch every 28 days?

Do you HONESTLY like to cuddle? Or are you just trying to get laid? Also, do you get a dead arm when you do actually cuddle with me? Should I feel bad about this?

Why does loosing to a girl hurt your ego so badly? Sorry that I’m better than you at some stuff #getoverit

Why do you think you are better drivers than us girls? Your road rage is equally as bad or worse than mine.

Why are you always fixing your junk in public? At least try to conceal the fact you are situating yourself.

Does it bother you if the girl you are hooking up with isn’t freshly shaven, you know, down there?

Do you really think girls enjoy getting “dick pics” from you? **hint** we don’t.

Why are you afraid to talk on the phone with me in front of your friends? Are they going to take your man card for asking me how my day was? I’m honestly confused by this.

On average, how many selfies do you take a week?

MUST you always give us girls shit for taking a while to get ready? Please just try your best to accept it.

Do you notice if my underwear is matching my bra?

Why do you insist on wearing flip-flops? Nobody wants to see your feet.

What will it take for you to admit that you actually enjoy Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries?

What is SO entertaining about playing Halo or Call of Duty? I’ve played; it’s boring as fuck.

Why do you HATE explaining things to me?

Do you honestly believe pretty girls don’t poop?

Can you try doing winged liner JUST once so that you can understand what we go through on a daily basis?

If you were on New Girl would you be Nick, Winston, Schmidt or Coach? Personally, even though Schmidt is my favorite character I would only date a guy that was a Nick or Coach – just sayin.

Do you think it’s creepy when we wear false eyelashes?

Do you care if we wear designer clothes? Do you even notice?

Are you aware tighty whiteys are hilarious?

Why is South Park funny? I don’t get it.

Do you secretly judge other guys the way that girls do?

Is beer REALLY better than wine? It tastes weird to me.

Why don’t you believe in using coupons?

What’s it like to have a penis?

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  1. Haha. I wanted to be sure to answer each question without having to repost every single question in the comment section so I simply numbered each of my answers from start to finish. Here goes:

    1) Yes, if it is really bright nail polish
    2) Tits are noticed first, ass second…but no real preference
    3) Yes
    4) Sometimes, cookies are a better “sad” relief
    5) Not really

    6) a.Yes, b.yes, c.yes, dead arm is a little sucky, d.a little
    7) Inflated ego of self-worth, mixed with the fact that rejection hurts #getoverit
    8) Guys tend to drive so much more with their girlfriend when they are together so we feel like repetition makes us pros
    9) not sure, don’t do it often

    10) No, no bothers given
    11) No
    12) Can’t answer…been married to long to remember experiencing this
    13) 3, (2 of which are with the significant other)
    14) Sorry, it’s tough when we are ready in just ten minutes. Give us a video game or a good, simple book to read while we wait and we will be decent. Plus, many guys hate being late.

    15) Yes, but it NEVER matters
    16) Dude’s wearing flip flops is terrible outside of the beach. I’m a dude and I hate seeing my own feet
    17) Can’t say, Never watched either
    18) Can’t say, don’t own a video game system
    19) Words. Us. No. Good. At. arggghhh!!

    20) Dep down, yes
    21) Hmmm
    22) Can’t say, never watched the show.
    23) A little, we don’t mind when socialites and music stars do it but we like of spouses the way they really are
    24) No, What’s designer clothes anyway?

    25) Yes, and we hate them too
    26) It’s sometimes funny but mostly childish
    27) Tough question, I would say about a quarter to half as much but I can’t speak on the “girls judging other girls” barometer
    28) Beer is NOT better than wine, simply more consistent nobody where you and there are less beer options than wine option in our book. Guys like less options, not more.
    29) Time waster. Would rather work more hours or find other ways of making money versus saving money
    30) It makes going to the bathroom WAYYY better

    -Swim Karim

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