Ahhh drinking. There’s nothing quite like it. Not to mention the various stages of drinking: sloppy, happy, sad, etc. Most of us know our tipping point, but it’s our best friends who always want to push us over the ledge.

1. God dammit, they made me do it.

2. I was fine before this.

3. I was the perfect amount of drunk.

4. Now I might vomit.

5. Ugh that was disgusting.


6. At least buy me Grey Goose.

7. My throat burns.

8. Where is my chaser?

9. I’m such a brat.

10. Why do they all look fine?

11. How do people take shots without looking disgusted?

12. Okay let’s try to function.


13. I’m feeling pretty good….. ~Cue blackout~

14. Where am I?

15. How did I get in my bed?

16. What time is it?

17. Wait, am I actually in my bed?

18. Who’s room is this?


19. Holy shit…

20. What have I done?

21. Am I naked?

22. No.

23. Who’s clothes are these?

24. I’m thirsty AF.


25. Who put this cup by the bed?

26. OMG that was vodka.


28. Sweet goddess of water, thank you.

29. Literally never doing that again.

30. LOL until next weekend.



Emily Bishop is a die-hard Marylander who has recently made the move to Boston. She enjoys telling others all about Maryland, reading books, watching tv/ movies, and being active. Emily can be found saying, "y'all" in almost every conversation. Additionally, she gets a lot of inspiration from her 22 year-old and a 5 year-old brothers (same parents, LOL). She is seriously addicted to Instagram and you can follow her as she adventures through time @ebishop02.

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