We all have those websites that we must log onto everyday. You know — beyond Facebook and Twitter. We also have those celebrities that we must know everything about. Put those together and what do you get? Website by celebrities!

There are plenty of celebrities out there who have websites. On their sites, you can get a glance at their personal lives, see what they’re wearing, and find out how they’re staying in shape.

Here are 4 of my favorite celebrity sites that you’ll want to add to your favorites too!

1. Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad, or LC as most of use still refer to her as, has an awesome website. She has everything from fashion, recipes, workout tips, and advice. Lauren’s site makes readers feel like you’re one of her closest friends.

I especially love the “Primp” section on LC’s site. Here, she shows fans how to get her look and talks about different beauty issues that we all face. Lauren has great suggestions and breaks down the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve a look like Lauren herself.

Lauren also has a cute “Decorate” section that is great for readers who are getting ready for a party or looking for a way to brighten their house or apartment. Everything she has on there is just too cute. Even if you don’t have a reason to make any of her awesome crafts, you’ll come up with a reason to make it because they’re too cute not to.

If you enjoyed Laguna Beach & The Hills (and honestly — who didn’t like those shows), you will definitely want to check out her site!

2.  Julianne Hough


Julianne just launched her site and it is a girls dream. It has something for everyone and lets you see who the real Julianna (aka Jules) is. Her site covers every topic you can think of including health, living, style, and inspiration. This site is like a window for fans to look into her life. She posts what kind of meals she likes to cook as well as what are her style must have that go with everything aka over the knee boots that she features on her fashion portion of the site.

Another feature that fans will find amazing is her inspired section on the site. This section really shows how much of a genuine person Julianne is.  In this section she lets fans have a chance to interact with her as well as make people feel inspired about things. For example she posted a video (podcast) with Lewis Howes (a former professional football player, two sport All-American, world record holding athlete for the Olympic sport Team Handball) about what she believes the key to her success is. She talks about lessons she’s learned on her journey to her fame.

I think fans will absolutely love everything about this site. Check out:  juliannehough.com.

3. Jessie James-Decker 


Jessie’s site is great because she shows great make up tutorials. She also put on her Instagram that if she gets so many followers she’ll update her You Tube page every day with a new tutorial.

This site is great because her personality really shines through this site. Fans will feel like Jessie is one of their BFFs. She has a section that shows off her Southern style. Fans will especially love looking at her new bathing suit line that she has been working on.

Jessie has a family feature on her site too which is so sweet. It really shows what kind of wife and mother she is. On this portion of the site she shows of her adorable little girl Vivianne as well as her GORGEOUS husband Eric Decker. Oh let’s not forget that Jessie is pregnant with her second baby so she is also sharing her experiences about her pregnancy this time around.

So if you’re looking for great make up tutorials, pregnancy stories (New Mommies), and just a look in the life of a Southern girl next door this site is just what you’re looking for.

4. Giuliana Rancic

G Pic

Giuliana, or G as most of us know her, from E! News is a one woman show. This woman has her hand in everything. She’s an entertainment journalist, fashion designer, author, and so much more. Her website shows anything and everything that she does. It’s amazing how much she has tackled over the years. G’s site make you feel like she’s sitting beside you telling you her story.

Her site is very structured and well organized. This site makes me feel like I’m in her calendar because you can see everything that she has going on. As of April 7th, 2015 she released her memoir Going Off Script.  She has listed on her site where you can purchase that. I just purchased my book yesterday and I can’t wait to read it. Also, I tweeted a picture of me with her book and she responded (highlight of my day).



G’s site is great inspiration for women who want to do it all like her. She proves that you can have it all the career, family, your own band and everything in between.  If you’d like to see how Giuliana does it all, check out her site!

Hope you check out and enjoy these sites as much as I do! 🙂


Hi I'm Ashlee! I'm in my late twenties, but at times I feel like I just turned twenty-one. I'm a Southern Georgia Peach. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications with the dream of one day becoming an Entertainment Journalist. I have a huge passion for pop culture. I love asking questions and I'd like to say that I speak frequently in movie/TV quotes. If you like Entertainment News & Tweet Ups follow me on Twitter: @AshBoesch.

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