Lena Dunham’s Girls had me sucked in from the first episode of Season 1. The show is extremely approachable to a twenty something or to anyone really. Hannah’s relationships with her boyfriend, Adam, and her friends, are just so damn relatable. I guess we all have a little Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie, and Jessa in us.

I also love how the lead character has traits that aren’t necessarily admirable yet we all want to be more like Hannah. She is self-absorbed, somewhat unstable, and a binge-eater! Let’s just say she isn’t scared to go clubbing with no bra on and I think we all need to be a little bit more like Hannah in that regard. The Season 4 premiere airs Sunday, January 11 at 9 PM on HBO.


1. Hannah is accepted to a writer’s workshop at the University of Iowa


This season appears to be all about Hannah and her decision to go to Iowa. Hannah, despite her flaws, is very well supported by her friends and family (even if not financially anymore) in NYC. It will certainly be interesting to see Hannah outside of the city and in poedunk Iowa, where she no longer has that type of support anymore. Although, apparently her gay ex-boyfriend and best friend, Elijah, is tagging along. YAY!


Another huge draw to the show for me personally, is obviously the fact that Hannah is a writer. She is like the modern-day Carrie Bradshaw, except way cooler. For the most part, Hannah has been praised for her writing style, her voice, and her tell-all attitude, but I wonder if the same holds true in America’s Heartland.  I’m going to go with no as all I can seem to picture is snobby, judgmental, trust fund babies at this workshop.

2. Marnie’s music career


It appears that Marnie’s new love interest is this guy Desi – aka the guitar player in her “band”? Total emphasis on player part because we learned that he has a girlfriend! Actually, come to think of it I think I’m beginning to dislike Marnie, seeing as she knows that he is unavailable, yet she continues to pursue him. What a little biotch! Who else misses Charlie? Sigh.

3. Shoshanna’s hair cut


I can’t believe the chick cut it all off! I loved all her crazy topsy-turvy hair-dos but oh well! At least we will have her ridiculous one-liners to look forward to.






Shosh has graduated and officially stepping out into the real world, which is an all too familiar feeling. Welcome to the club sister!

4. Jessa is clean?


Doesn’t seem possible but apparently this season Jessa is working on her sobriety and sorting out her life. What a bummer – I loved her gypsy-inspired life, but I guess we all have to grow up sooner than later.


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