Recruitment. It is an evil word. But it is also probably one of the most well-known words in the college language (because that’s a thing). It’s a week’s worth of small talk and quick-formed friendships that are supposed to turn into lifelong bonds. When recruitment rolled around I was nervous. I was very introverted and shy in college and there was a lot of pressure to make a good impression within the first minute that I talked to someone. Not to mention there are a whole slew of girls interested in getting a bid into the same sorority, so it was basically a battle to the death. Okay, not the death, but you get what I mean. My thoughts circled from excitement to terror as I stepped up to the first door.


1. It’s going to be fine.

2. I’ll get into the “right” house.

3. Everything happens for a reason…

4. Why did I have to start with this house?

5. It’s terrifying.


6. Why are they so peppy? It’s 8am.

7. So much clapping.

8. So much cheering.

9. I better get excited, they’re judging me.

10. Oh fuck, we’re walking in the door.


11. They’re singing at me.

12. Someone is touching my back.

13. This got personal very quickly.

14. I hope I don’t have something in my teeth.

15. Okay, let’s try this small talk thing.

16. Natural intro about where I’m from.


17. Trying to make connections so that we form a bond.

18. I feel like I’m yelling.

19. Oh God, someone else is coming over.

20. This is an awfully formal introduction.

21. Repeat same conversation I had with first girl.

22. Make some odd connection.


23. YAY! We could be besties.

24. This is going great.

25. Wait, now there’s another girl?

26. How many of them am I supposed to talk to?

27. Shit, we started talking about the weather.

28. Try to naturally change subjects…


29. How long do these rounds last?

30. They’re bringing around drinks, should I take one?

31. No, then I’ll be holding it awkwardly as we talk.

32. But I’m thirsty AF.


33. Ugh.

34. They’re flickering the lights.

35. It’s already over?

36. What just happened?

37. Why are they singing again?

38. Third girl is escorting me out with her hand on my back.


39. Again, personal space?

40. I made it out.

41. That wasn’t too bad.

42. But wait, I have to do that 8 more times today?

43. This is going to be exhausting.

44. My feet hurt.

45. God dammit I have all their songs stuck in my head.



Emily Bishop is a die-hard Marylander who has recently made the move to Boston. She enjoys telling others all about Maryland, reading books, watching tv/ movies, and being active. Emily can be found saying, "y'all" in almost every conversation. Additionally, she gets a lot of inspiration from her 22 year-old and a 5 year-old brothers (same parents, LOL). She is seriously addicted to Instagram and you can follow her as she adventures through time @ebishop02.

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