If the traditional sassy, sexy Halloween garb isn’t your thing, we totally understand. There’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve got, but ladies are often categorized as either “cutesy” or “trashy” when it comes to Halloween costumes. We want to put those kinds of labels to rest once and for all. Females can rock costumes this year that defy all stereotypes and gender labels. If you’re blanking on ideas—don’t worry! We’ve got your back, because these female cosplayers have outdone themselves on the costume front. Anywhere from outstanding female leads to gender bending comic book characters, there is no doubting that feminists everywhere can rock these costumes and destroy silly labels everywhere. Take a page from their book and you’re costume is sure to be the crowd favorite.

1. Black Swan

Since the movie’s arrival, folks have been shocked and awed by this daring film and the unbelievable female leads. Whether you’re a huge fan of the movie or not, you have to admit that these ladies really committed to their spooky roles. This costume blends a little bit of pretty with a little bit of scary—just the way we like it.

Other beautifully scary ideas: Maleficent, Cruella de Ville, and Dia de los Muertos.

Black Swan

2. Jigsaw Puppet

Who says ladies can’t be spooky? This cosplay gave us chills! Such a simple design, but so expertly executed. It wouldn’t take too much preparation to pull off such an eye-catching costume. Sneak up on some trick-or-treaters while you’re out and you’re sure to give them a scare. Don’t try that on us though, we definitely don’t want to play a game.

Other super scary ideas: Regan (The Exorcist), Nurse (Silent Hill), The Woman in Black.

Jigsaw Puppet

3. Hades

If ancient mythos is your bag, give this costume a try. We love how fierce this cosplayer has made her version of Hades. It looks like she just came up from the Underworld to pay us a visit. Complete with sharp fangs, this cosplayer pulled out all the stops. It really makes us forget that it was played any other way.

Other mythical ideas: Daenerys Targaryen, an elf, The Cheshire Cat.


4. The Neverending Story Childlike Empress

This cosplay screams enchanting! If you’ve seen The Neverending Story then you would know that the empress looks like a child, but is actually a very old woman. Her strength and beauty outshine all others in the kingdom. We are pretty sure she floated around all night. A woman that pretty doesn’t need to walk.

Other enchanting ideas: Princess Amidala, Marion Ravenwood, Merida (Brave).

The Neverending Story

5. Captain America & Iron Man

Watch out, these two ladies look like they’re ready for battle. While this look might take a little extra effort, it’s worth it. You’re likely to catch the attention of everyone around you and for good reason! Steve Rogers and Tony Stark wouldn’t bat an eyelash at these crime fighters.

Other comic book ideas: The Joker, Wanda Wilson, Spider Gwen.

Cap & Iron

These are just 5 great examples of ways to bring out your inner badass this Halloween. There are thousands of other ladies breaking out of the normal “girly” costume (whatever that means). Take our advice and gather some inspiration from these women to go out there with full confidence that your outfit will be on point this year.


Trisha is a freelance writer from Boise, ID. She is a dedicated vegan and promotes and all around healthy lifestyle. On any given weekend you can find her dabbling in SFX makeup, video games, painting, or just spending time with her cats.

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