We all know of the ombre hair trend by now. Personally, it will always be one of my favorite things to request when I go to the salon. I love being able to have a mix of colors and hues to freshen up my locks!

However, when it comes to this unique style and mixing of colors, ombre doesn’t just have to be a way of coloring your hair. This trend has evolved into so many different forms, such as on clothing, jewelry, nails and so much more! Here are some of the best ombre trends that make up some of the hottest and unique style trends of summer 2017.

1. Ombre Clothing

 ombre t shirt

If you can think of an article of clothing, there’s probably some sort of ombre version of it. As with the hair trend, ombre clothing has been consistently showing up in the fashion world. Dresses, shirts, shorts, pants—there’s probably ombre underwear out there.

Ombre looks really great on a long skirt or dress. There’s a lot of fabric to play with, so the ombre pattern doesn’t have to be used just once. It can go from dark to light and back again. It also gives a lot more room to do an ombre with multiple colors in it instead of using just a monochromatic color scheme.

Ombre clothing is great for a DIY project, too! Try it out on a comfy old hoodie or t-shirt. That way you can perfect your technique before you move onto something you’re worried about messing up on. Plus, you can make an old piece of clothing brand new again!


2. Ombre Nails

 ombre nails

It’s always fun to try a new nail technique. Ombre nails can have so many different variations to create a look that’s going to stand out. With all the different techniques that are out there, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see two nail designs look the same.

Tutorials are always a good place to start, but there are always ways to really make a look your own. Using glitter, a matte look or multiple colors can give it a different look that people will notice. A cutout ombre could also work, with a plain background and an ombre shape in the middle to make it stand out.


3. Ombre Shoes


Ombre shoes can take any outfit to the next level. While you probably won’t find too many pairs ready to buy in an ombre style, DIY is super-hot right now, and this is an easy project to customize your shoes. If you don’t already own an ombre piece of clothing, this is a great place to start. These shoes can be an instant statement piece in your wardrobe.

All you have to do for an ombre look on shoes is soak the entire shoe in a dye bath for a short time and then gradually pull the shoe out a bit at a time. While this is easily done with white shoes and whatever color dye you like. But a cool look could also be achieved with a light-colored pair of shoes and a darker shade of dye, or a different color altogether.


4. Ombre Makeup maxresdefault

There are a bunch of different ombre makeup looks you can do. If you do the ombre nails, you might even be able to match your makeup to the nail polish! Two of the best—and easiest—ombre makeup looks involve eyeliner and lipstick.
The ombre lip hit the runway and emerged as one of the best spring makeup trends. This look is super bold, so it’s best to pair it with a natural look on the rest of the face. It’s a decently simple process so it’s an easy way to create a bold going out look.

The eyeliner is a bit subtler way to utilize this trend. To achieve this, you can take the typical cat eyeliner and twist it. Find three liners from a color family you love. The lightest color starts on inner third of the lash line and the darkest color should end it, with the cat eye swish at the end. Matching the eyeliner colors with something in your outfit is an awesome way to tie everything together.


5. Ombre Jewelry


This is another great way to get into the DIY thing while keeping up with the latest trends. There are awesome ombre pieces available to buy, but it’s always fun to put your own spin on things. Ombre is always a great trend if you can’t decide which shade of your favorite color you love the most. In jewelry, it also helps you match it with more outfits because of the different shades in the piece.

If you don’t want to go full DIY, you can always layer bracelets, necklaces or rings to still achieve the look.


This old trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Try out some of the best ombre trends, put your own spin on them and make these looks your own!


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