New York, New York – a city so nice they named it twice. it’s a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do…to a certain degree.


I love New York; there is no denying it. I love the ability to walk anywhere and everywhere, the atmosphere of busy people rushing to important places, the variety of neighborhoods, and the never-ending list of amazing restaurant, retail locations, museums, etc. After residing in arguably one of the greatest cities on the planet for a year and a half, I must admit that I have learned a fair amount about the people from the Big Apple. However, I cannot call myself a New Yorker. Not yet, at least. The following is an inside look at my attempt to fit the “New Yorker” standard.


1. Despite my friends hassling me, I cannot seem to walk fast enough.

Perhaps I am used to the pace of a leisurely stroll due to my Maryland roots. It is possible that my need to absorb the scenery slows down my stride. When it comes down to it, I wish I could blame my height. With the colossal stature of a petite 5’2, my legs are not exactly lengthy. To get myself walking faster, I often visualize food.


2. Putting together an outfit that resembles “impeccably dressed” seems to take a year or two.

Effortless fashion is not effortless. It’s exhausting. The only bonus point I get is that I adhere to the all-black New Yorker dress code — or at least I like to think I do. Last year, I ran around the city in a winter coat in October like a complete wimp. This year, I was prepared for the weather, and wore my coat during the more appropriate, colder times like a true New Yorker.


3. Unlike in the movies, you cannot whistle for a cab that will magically pull over.

Rather, you have to keep your arm up at all times, and walk up and down the block towards incoming taxis. There are good days, where I can hail a cab in five minutes or less, and there are those days that require walking all over the place in attempts to flag one down. Luckily, I do not need to take taxis frequently.


4. Apparently, New Yorkers never look up.

I look up all the time. In fact, I am probably that annoying person you curse in your head for stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to admire some random rooftop or flag. In the future, I will try to visually absorb unique architecture whilst walking at a fast(er) pace.


5. I hate to admit it, but I am horrible at using the subway.

Thank goodness for Google Maps, or I would probably be lost in Poughkeepsie right now. I can take the NQR, the 1 train, and some other lines, but transferring lines is still a nightmare when platforms require running up and down various flights of stairs.


My name is Tiffanie Snyder! Studying Media, Culture, and Communications (MCC) at NYU as a twentysomething, I spend my time immersing myself in any kind of movie, book, or magazine I can find. Chai tea is my beverage of choice, and I love almost all food. I have a Pomeranian named Tackle. Join me on my roadtrip down Twentysomething lane.

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