Your early 20s are your prime for dating. It’s the perfect time to meet guys and find out what you want without having to worry (too much) about settling down. Dating is anything but simple. There are plenty of guys out there waiting to break your heart. Although no girl enjoys that, it’s necessary.

Here’s 5 guys every girl should experience:

1. The Playboy: He should be the easiest guy to weed out and avoid, but we all end up dating one at some point, usually when we are super young and naïve. This guy not only hooks up with multiple girls, but he will deny, deceive, and lie. He’s hoping to convince you of his lies, but more so himself. It can mess with your head how someone who is supposed to like you can be so manipulative and narcissistic, which is why this guy is the easiest lesson to learn and never date again.

2. The Baggage Conveyor: This guys is really nice and a good person, but there is just too much in his past for a successful relationship. The connection is great between you two and you have a lot to talk about. He even likes to talk about his emotions, but it will never work out. He’s been hurt before and likely never going to commit to you. This one is the most difficult to get over because you know the chemistry is amazing and he truly is a good person, but at one point you’ll learn to cut what’s left of the rope. You deserve to be with someone who appreciates just how great you are.

3. Speedy Gonzalez: The one who would rather have you come over for “Netflix and chill” than take you on a real date. This guy’s clearly been on a dry spell and doesn’t care how desperate he looks. He wants to hook up as fast as possible. Whether you decline, push him off, and run out of his apartment, or give in and hook up with him, you learn an important lesson from this type of guy: it’s YOUR body and you only have to go as far as YOU want to.

4. The Asshat:  This guy is hard to get a hold of. Often times, you wonder if he REALLY does like you. When you’re not wondering that, you’re wondering if he does like you then why does he ignore you and treat you poorly. This guy usually has the bad boy demeanor. Science hasn’t proven why yet, but it has definitely proven that girls always fall for the bad boy. There’s something that attracts us to them and as we saw with Audreina, this dickwad can be hard to let go of and get over. We all like a little mystery in our lives, but this guy is a waste. NEXT.

5. Silver Fox: Okay, so I’m not saying you should date George Clooney or someone your pop’s age, but every girl should date someone a little older, like around 30. Sure, this guy’s probably not going to last, but as long as he’s not divorced or a father you can learn a lot from this fine fellow while having fun at the same time. He probably has a solid career, his own place, and complete independence from his parents. This guy will treat you with respect and take you on actual dates. He’s also probably well experienced in kissing as well as other things ;-). You can learn what you want in a guy and possibly what you want for yourself.

Some may say that dating someone that you know isn’t “the one” is stupid and a waste of time, but how will you know what you want in a man if you don’t know what you don’t want? Sure it sucks when you date a douchenozzle and actually start caring for him, then realize he will never care for you, but that’s what makes life interesting. And all of the assholes that come before “the one” make him all that more special when he finally shows up.



Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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