I love women. I love everything about them. Their hair, their smell, the way the walk, the way they talk. Well, maybe not everything. As much as I am often powerless against the femininity of a beautiful woman, there are five habits that I just can’t stand when meeting a girl for the first time.

Here are five annoying behaviors that make most men want to run after a first date:

1. Texting During A First Date.

Listen up ladies. Pulling out your phone during a first date is not only immature, but it is a huge deal-breaker. Its not only that you are prioritizing your phone over the date taking place, which shouldn’t be happening, but you are sending signals that you may be inconsiderate in all other walks of life as well. One text message for a friend or family member that is concerned about your safety is understandable. Anything more than that is just not appropriate.

2. Talking over me every five seconds.

I once had a girlfriend who had the nicest friend in the world. But every time you tried to have a conversation with her, she would talk over you. When trying to inject my own input into the conversation, it was as if I never said anything and she would keep talking and talking. Eventually I gave up ever trying to engage with her.

The worst part was, she had no idea she was doing this, then wondered why she was still single, despite being a very pretty girl. This is a trait I have seen on countless dates. I know you women love to talk, and on average say thousands of more words per day, but you must allow us to be part of the conversation as well!

3. Making too many demands.

Every now and then I will meet a woman who is ultra fussy about where to meet up. By the time a place is established, four or five counter suggestions to my idea on where to go out have already been made, and consequently, I am already four or five steps out there door mentally. Collaborating on where to meet with input from both sides is acceptable. But being fussy to the point where this becomes a headache is not. It just sends the signal that this girl is high maintenance, which is a major red flag.

4. Discussing the details of your last relationship.

It is more than fine to briefly mention the last time you were in a relationship, and how long it lasted. A few minor details about the person is fine as well. But when women go on and on about all the reasons it didn’t work, this is not productive to our future. Leave the past in the past on a first date and focus on the moment. Over time I will get to know your deeper emotional past, but keep things positive the first time, or you will accidentally come across as bitter, or even worse, still hanging on to the idea of your ex-boyfriend.

5. Texting every five minutes.

Texting can be fun, exciting, and a great way to flirt in the early stages of meeting someone. The problem is when women over do it. A few texts a day, or every other day is fine. But texting us every five minutes all day long is not okay. It not only becomes annoying after a while, but also makes us lose interest quick. Keep men wanting more and excited about the next time they see you. Don’t wear out your welcome.

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