One-piece swimsuits were once thought of anything but fashionable or sexy. They were what I wore to the beach and pool with my family until I graduated to the tankini in middle school. They were worn by my friends at their swim meet practices. They were worn by my mom and my friends mom’s who believed they needed to wear swimsuits to be more conservative now that they were raising children.

Now one-pieces are finally getting the love they deserve. They have sexy cut-outs, flattering ruffles, and fun patterns that help stand them out from the one-pieces of the past. The best part? You won’t lose half your swimsuit doing a cannon ball at the pool or jumping into a huge wave because the swimsuit only has one piece that stay secure no matter what water activity comes your way. So go down that huge water slide. Do a backflip into the pool. Look fabulous while knowing you will still remain appropriately covered the whole time.

1. This Practical Color Blocked One-Piece


I love a good plunging neckline on a one-piece swimsuit. There are plenty out there with a plunging neckline, but this one really caught my eye because it has that little piece of fabric across the chest to make sure a swimsuit mishap doesn’t happen because lets be real, no one sits still in a swimsuit, and something is bond to pop out if the swimsuit isn’t secure.

Colorblock One-Piece $12.90

2. This Scuba/Surf Inspired One-Piece


This is the perfect swimsuit for anyone who likes to participate in any kind of water sport. It has a scuba/surf gear inspired design and long sleeves to protect you from whatever rough objects may be carried by the current. Plus, your legs are free to allow a wider range of movement, no restrictions.

Women’s Colorblock Long Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit Ebony $42.48

3. This Two-For-One Trend One-Piece

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.15.29 PM

My favorite thing about this swimsuit is that it combines two of my favorite summer clothing trends into one item. Not only is this a one-piece swimsuit, but it is also off the shoulder. Also, the ruffles make this swimsuit super sweet and girly. (P.S. This is from Victoria’s Secret and this is the last year Victoria’s Secret will be making swimwear so get it before it’s gone!)

Flounce One-Piece $44.99

4. This Water Camo One-Piece


The pattern on this swimsuit really stood out to me. Is matching your swimsuit to your pool too much? I don’t think so. This is the perfect swimsuit to wear as you lounge on you pizza or doughnut shipped floaty, soaking in the sun.

Clashist Pool Water One Piece $120.00

5. This Flirty Flyaway One-Piece


I love the outer layer of this one-piece. It almost looks like a dress and I’m sure it is gorgeous when it flows in the wind. Plus, it hides your tummy if that is something you are self-conscious about and it looks super feminine.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Plus Size Flyaway Tummy-Control One-Piece Swimsuit $151.00


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