5 Quick Weekend Date Tips from the Serial Dater

1. Don’t be too dressed up. Depending on where you’re going you don’t want to feel overdressed. The last thing you want on a date is to be worried about what you’re wearing. Go for something comfortable that you won’t have to fuss with but make sure it’s one of your go-to outfits that always looks good.2. Don’t tell him your life story. Guys don’t want to hear everything on a first date, so keep it simple and don’t reveal everything. Also, don’t talk about inside jokes or ex-boyfriends and don’t complain about your job.

3. Don’t get drunk. It’s ok to go to a bar or restaurant on a date, but don’t get drunk. Definitely have a drink or two but cap it after that. Being drunk on a date is a huge turn off. Don’t invite him out with your friends either.

4. Don’t text him after. Just leave it and let it simmer. Let him make the next move.

5. Listen to him also. Don’t just make the date about you, even if he was the one who asked you out. Make it seem like you’re actually interested in learning about him too.

Good luck! If a date goes horribly, call a friend or hook up buddy after to make yourself feel better. Or complain to me on the blog. I’ll gladly analyze your situation.


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