Shortly after getting married to my new husband, we both decided we wanted to adopt a pet.

We researched several animal shelters and non profits organizations while we began looking for the perfect pet. After visiting a local Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter, we ending up adopting a 3 year old Himalayan cat named Albert.

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Not only were we completely satisfied with adding a new addition to our family, but we also realized adopting a pet in our 20’s is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Here are 5 reasons why you should adopt a pet in your 20’s:


1.You’ll give a pet his or her forever home.

If you decide to adopt a pet, you’ll be his or her hero.That pet will no longer feel neglected, abused, or unwanted, have to endure difficult situations, or be stuck living in a small cage at your local shelter.

As now, your new pet will be extremely grateful for all that you give to them. Especially when you spoil them with lots of treats, toys, and an endless amounts of attention.

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2. You’ll become more attentive.

After becoming a pet parent, you’ll learn to become more attentive.

Pets need lots of your attention because, they crave your companionship and always wants you to pay extra close attention to them.

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3.You’ll become more responsible.

Lets face it, not all of us our fully responsible when we’re in our 20’s. Taking care of a pet is the perfect way to become more responsible because, you’ll be forced to take care them and all of their needs. (Just to name a few of their needs food, water, personal hygiene, all of their medical needs, as well as anything else they may need while in your care…)

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4. You’ll become more patient.

After taking care of your new pet, you’ll totally learn to become more patient. Trust me, your pet will test your patience, as he or she will make giant messes that you’ll have to clean up.

However, those experiences will help you become a more patient and understanding person.

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5. You’ll learn your pet cares for you, as much as you care for them.

Its likely that you’ll become quickly attached  to your pet. As you’ll spend so much time taking care of them and paying close attention to all of their needs.

But, your pet is also going to get very attached to you and will always be loyal, loving, and grateful towards you.

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Overall, I am happy with my and my husband’s decision to adopt our new pet Albert in our 20’s. We were both extremely lucky to be able to give our rescue cat Albert a fun, loving, and forever home.

Our sweet Albert has made both of us better individuals inside and out. Because, he has taught us to be more attentive, responsible, patient, understanding, and loving while we’ve had him these past few weeks.

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