Vegemite… Vegemite chocolate (yes, it’s a ‘thing’ now)… Aussie Rules Football…Breathtaking sunsets (see below)…


(Massive thanks to Global Twitter Marketing Specialist, Keith Keller, for the amazing pic!)

It doesn’t get any more Aussie than the above list and of course, as the first Australian and international blogger for the site, I had to whip up this very classy introductory spiel.

But at the end of the day, Aussie or no Aussie, I’m still a 27-year-old (closer to 28 now actually) woman. Here are 5 things most girls in their twenties (regardless of their location) will remember experiencing at some point (pssst… Quite a few of my closest friends will have a chuckle reading this but hey, it’s okay to suffer for your art right?).

#1 – We all feel mortified when we find our first grey hairs.

Picture this routine: Eye liner, mascara, foundation, comb hair, GREY HAIR… What the? Yes, finding that first grey hair (or patch in my case) is a reminder that the days are flying by. Now, while I love being a brunette, it’s not quite fair how I’m likely to look like Cruella de Vil before those blondes and red heads.

#2 – We all know that heels and grass don’t make great playmates.

So there you are, you’ve got your grown-up business, pant-suit ‘I’m going to take over the world’ corporate outfit on… You start walking in your hot new heels. And as you walk along the lush, green grass, your foot moves forward. Only, without the heel that is now wedged firmly into the grass. Your colleague laughs… End of story.

#3 – We know that workplace romances are not good.

Repeat this sentence with me now: Workplace romances are not good. Never. Never ever. Yes, it makes things far more entertaining but it’ll also be very awkward if Romeo isn’t quite a Romeo and you’re not his version of Juliet (I’m just picturing Leo doing his epic “Julliieeeeettttt” scream now in Baz’s Romeo + Juliet).

#4 – Samantha from Sex and the City spoke to all of us when she said…

I love you but I love me more.” Now, that’s the way to be ladies. It’s not selfish but necessary!

#5 – We all know that some things should remain private.

Like that pesky Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC/Elvis/watching Like Crazy over and over again. What is it about pulling at the heart strings that is so addictive.

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