I don’t know about you but Shameless is one of my favorite shows, of all time! It’s real, it’s hysterical, and it’s absolutely outrageous. No topic is off limits for this show or The Gallaghers, which is why I’m obsessed with the whole dysfunctional family. This show has sex (and lots of it), drugs, mental illness, death, alcohol, crime, and let’s not forget, a damn good looking cast! And for those of you who really live under a rock, William H. Macy (aka Frank Gallagher) is a TV god. If you haven’t watched the show I highly, highly recommend you start binging out – like now.

1. Jimmy/Steve


The fourth season ended with a scene of Jimmy/Steve outside the Gallagher house, which means one thing and one thing only…. HE’S ALIVE! I’m interested to see what happened to him because the last time we saw Jimmy/Steve was when he was being escorted onto a scary ass drug lord’s yacht.  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very hopeful! But the good news is he is clearly alive and well (actually well is probably up for debate because who the hell is that blonde chick in the car with him?). Will him and Fiona hook up again? Has he changed his name to like, Sean or Bob or something? Is he on the lamb? AH – What is next for Jimmy/Steve/Sean/Bob?

2. Mickey & Ian

ian and mickey showtime's shameless favorite couple

These two might be my favorite couple in the whole show. Actually, that’s a lie because I’m obsessed with Kevin and Veronica. They are the dream couple for sure.


But anyways, Mickey and Ian are so totally cute, regardless if they are my favorite or not. Not to mention, Ian is proof that you can change a bad boy. See ladies there is hope for you on your annual pursuit to make a bad boy go good. You just have to become an AWOL, homeless stripper/escort with a serious drug addiction which is totally doable! And yes, I’m being totally sarcastic. But on a more serious note, we learned that Ian has bipolar last season and I wonder how that will play out for him, the family, and of course, he’s relationship with Mickey. And what about the ARMY?! Oh. Em. Gee.

And on a less serious note, I spotted little Ian in Santa Claus 3 over the holidays. It was awesome.


3. Dermot Mulroney


Swoon – this man is very easy on the eyes and he is the newest cast member of Shameless. YAY! We don’t know much about his character or his role on the show but Emmy Rossum (aka Fiona) shared a few tidbit’s with Variety about a possible love affair.  “She’s hot in pursuit of Dermot, who’s not that into her, so she’s kind of a mess. He’s in NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and trying to keep on the straight and narrow, and with her drug history, she’s not good for a recovering junkie like him.” Let me add that Dermot is also Fiona’s sponsor – man, this girl is a walking disaster.

4. Debbie


Debbie supposedly goes through a “transformation” this season, which is something I personally can’t deal with. Debbie looks so much like my little sister it freaks me out a bit so naturally I look at Debbie as one of my own. The thought of her growing up, pushing her boobs up, and hanging out with that trashy blonde friend of hers at bowling alleys, makes me very, very nervous. STOP GROWING UP DEBBIE! DAMN!


Honestly, I’m extremely nervous I’m about to watch Thirteen 2: The Chicago Edition. 


 5. Frank Gallagher


And last but not least, your boy, FRANK GALLAGHER! We’ve seen this man almost dead on the side of the road, in Canada, in jail, in Mexico, in a hospital, in a casket (faking his own death mind you), hidden in the walls of a Winnebago, in a basement, in bed with Shelia, on a chair with Shelia’s daughter, getting alcohol siphoned into his butt while Carl watches, walking butt naked outside in the winter, collecting disability, and breaking TVs at the Alibi. Basically, the possibilities are endless for Frank and I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans he gets himself into this season.

Excited yet?! If the answer is yes, then here is the most recent trailer to hold you over for another 2 days. Shameless returns this Sunday, January 11th at 9 P.M. on Showtime.


Erin Jean is a Boston based smart mouth who lives in suburbia with her kick-ass husband, yes you read that correctly, I'm a married woman, people! She graduated from Endicott College in 2010 with a degree in Contemporary Journalism. She loves tattoos, writing, and slush (it’s an addiction people). When she is not working for the man, she is riding on the back of motorcycles, online shopping, and reminiscing about her younger years. A typical week consists of watching too much Bad Girls Club, mentally preparing for a zombie apocalypse, and trying to get a body like Mila Kunis (please insert laughter here). Feel free to stalk her life via pictures @mrsbadnews13 or on twitter @erinlissa

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