My now husband, and I decided to have both a wedding rehearsal and dinner prior to our wedding. We invited everyone including the pastor, our bridal party, their significant others, and our immediate family members.

Our wedding rehearsal took place at the venue we were going to be married at, and the rehearsal dinner took place at a local pizzeria called Home Run Inn.

At first, we were against having a wedding rehearsal and dinner. As we understand people have very busy schedules, and we knew the rehearsal dinner would be an additional cost. But we learned that having a wedding rehearsal and dinner was very beneficial.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should have a wedding rehearsal and dinner.


1.Your bridal party will get the opportunity to get to know each other before your big day.

If you and your future husband do not have the same group of friends, it is a good idea to make sure they meet before your big day. As they will get know each other a little more, can have a small talk, and will feel less nervous on your wedding day.

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2. Everyone in your bridal party will understand how the wedding ceremony is going to go.

Practicing the wedding ceremony with your pastor, bridal party, and immediate family members is a wise decision. Every one can get a strong understanding of how the ceremony is going to go, will better understand the ceremony’s details in dept, and feel more comfortable while being apart of your big day.

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3. Any questions that you bridal party may have can be addressed at rehearsal.

Let’s face it, your bridal party will likely ask you the same questions over, and over again. But, rehearsal is definitely the time address any wedding related questions your pastor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, or immediately family members may have.

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4.You will have a good excuse to eat, drink, and party with those who are involved in your wedding.

Having a rehearsal dinner is the perfect excuse to have a night out with those your closest to. As you will get to eat delicious food, drink lots of alcohol, and spend the night catching up with all of those who are in some way involved in your wedding.

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5.Your future spouse and you will feel more confident moving forward with your wedding.

After rehearsal, you and your future spouse will definitely feel more relaxed about your wedding. You practiced the ceremony like a gazillion times, have a clear understanding of how the ceremony is going to look, answered any questions your bridal party may have had, and enjoyed a great night out with all of those who are involved in your wedding.

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