Every person goes through at least one horrendous, name-calling, Carrie Underwood video break up in his or her lifetime. Usually, this happens to most of us more than once. While it’s happening, it’s the worst thing to ever happen to you. However, I can say from personal experience that most break-ups are the best things to happen for a lot of people.

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Sure, you want to scream and cry and spend your days feeling like you’ve lost the great love of your life. And it’s okay to be that way for a few days or a week. But soon enough you’ll realize that you’re better off – I mean it.

1. It ended for a reason. Maybe you, your ex, or both of you didn’t feel the same way as when you started dating. Maybe you were fighting too much. Maybe your future plans just did not agree with each other. Whatever the reason, it gets to a point where feelings change. Either you fall out of love, he/she falls out of love, or one or both of you simply doesn’t care enough anymore to continue trying to make something work that isn’t. But you shouldn’t have to try so hard anyway. Once you get over this relationship, you’ll be one step closer to finding the person who you are supposed to be with — and when that happens, you won’t have to try. It won’t be so hard. It will just happen. NEXT!

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2. You get the chance to focus on yourself. I don’t mean this in the cliché way, where you do nothing but get wasted every chance you get and hook-up with randoms. I mean that you can really take time to figure out what you actually want in life, without another person influencing those thoughts. Start meditating, do yoga, take up a new hobby, read some books, whatever. Just take a while to do what makes you feel good – in the least cheesy way possible.

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3. More time to hang out with your girlfriends/bros. No matter how much we deny it or even try to fight the urge, friends generally take second place when an S/O is in the equation. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just the way of things. While you’re “healing” or whatever, invite your besties over for a night in of wine and chick flicks (or whatever it is you guys do when you hang out together).

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4. You get to meet new people. Of course, meeting potential new partners is part of this, but wait a while before you get back out on the prowl. Make new friends, new connections at the office, or even reconnect with old friendships. When you’re with someone, you tend to hang out with other couples mostly. When the relationship ends, instead of making your couple friends choose between you two, just make new single friends. Seriously, it’s so much fun to meet other singles who you just want to chill with.

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5. Get yourself in shape – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t know about anyone else, but when my ex broke up with me, I was SO MOTIVATED to get in shape. Sure, it may have been for the wrong reasons (i.e. make him jealous on the off chance I’d see him), but it worked! Get a gym membership (or start using the one you have), start running, get a trainer, do it all. Start journaling your feelings. Write letters you’ll never send. Seriously just dump everything that is weighing you down in any form. Breakups are a great reason to do a life cleanse…and become Beyonce.



A born-and-raised Jersey girl with a chronic case of wanderlust, Samantha spends her days reading, writing, and planning adventures. She currently teaches classes at the community college while living at home with her parents, trying and failing to become a part of the proverbial real world. Her dream is for someone to pay her for writing and traveling, but in reality she'll probably be teaching forever. Follow her mundane musings on Twitter @SamanthaG2012, and check out her personal blog, wanderlustingmillenial.blog.com

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