What did you see, hear, touch, taste and smell (and want, feel and hate) this morning on your way to work?

I saw…

  • 10 dogs shitting
  • 9 owners picking up said shit
  • 15+ girls in gym clothes
  • 1 girl in gym clothes hailing a cab
  • A kitchen table in a window I want
  • A variety of male purses
  • Dora the Explora backpacks
  • My homeless man in front of CVS
  • Someone possibly famous

I smelled…

  • Hot garbage
  • BECs (bacon egg cheese)
  • Chinese food (?)
  • Perfume on my scarf leftover from the weekend

I tasted…

  • Listerine
  • The arepa I ate last night
  • 1 single drop of sweat

I touched…

  • The pocket of my wool jacket
  • My shoelaces when they came untied
  • The sidewalk when I lost my balance tying my shoelaces
  • The knuckles of a gentleman on the side walk
  • The door of Starbucks because no one held it for me
  • My Blackberry/ iPhone to check e-mail/TD Bank app

I heard

  • Jack hammers
  • Lana Del Ray
  • Grocery unloader saying “ayy chica”

Bonus senses

I wanted…

  • Said BEC
  • Said couch in window
  • My Snap Chats to load faster

I felt…

  • Tired
  • Not in the mood to wear pants
  • Hungry for said BEC

I  hated…

  • Every floor of my building being lit up in the elevator
  • Too many said Snap Chats that would’ve load
  • The barista not remembering my name at Starbucks
  • The sassy e-mail from my boss that I ignored



Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.

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