Men are often powerless against certain qualities when it comes to women. When we begin dating a beautiful girl who has hypnotizing eyes, a great smile, and a look that makes us weak in the knees, we tend to ignore many of the red flags that are warning us to stay away.

As much as we may be drawn to women who we know are bad for us in our twenties, if we want to enter relationships that don’t end with regret, we need to know what types of women we should stay away from so that we don’t wind up miserable in our thirties.

Let’s take a look at 5 types of women that we should avoid getting into a relationship with:

1. Women who don’t like you hanging out with your friends alone.

Men need male bonding time. Plain and simple. Telling you that you cannot hang out with your friends is not only unwarranted, but the building block for an unhealthy relationship that is full of mistrust. Don’t let a woman convince you that this is acceptable behavior. No man should be a slave to who he can and cannot hang out with.

2. Women who text you from morning until night.

It’s understandable when a girl wants to talk to you and makes this known. But there is a difference between normal text messaging and obsessive text messaging. If the messages come through at a pace where you can’t leave your phone for more than an hour without it blowing up, you are probably dealing with someone who is way too possessive and, not to mention, insecure.

3. Women who are constantly complaining about something.

Some women will find the fault in absolutely everything. These women will voice their negativity to anyone with a breathing pulse, and are just about impossible to please. If you see this type of behavior emerging early on in small doses, run as fast as you can, because it will only increase over time.

4. Women who have no female friends.

When a girl you meet is only friends with men, this is a problem. It is understandable when a girl has a lot of male friends, as men are sometimes easier to get along with. But when she has zero female friends, or only one, this is a red flag that she has problems getting along with women, and one must wonder why this is the case.

5. Women who refuse to ever get casual.

Regardless of how good the girl you are dating likes to look, if she refuses to ever get down and dirty, than you have an extremely high-maintenance woman on your hands. Sure, we all like a girl that can show off all her womanly features and look beautiful.  But she should be able to tone it down every now and then, get active, get dirty, and put the beauty on the backburner.  If she can’t do this, you are in for one heck of a boring relationship, where superficial qualities will take precedence over everything.

Joshua Pompey has been successfully providing online dating advice to men all over the world since 2009 with four successful e-books and a profile writing service.  For more free information click here for some online dating first message tips, or click here to learn ten reason women aren’t responding to your emails.



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