The MTV documentary Catfish has created a stir among the online dating world.  While this show is a beneficial public service warning to those who online date, it has created a stronger paranoia then ever amongst those who were nervous to begin with about meeting Internet stranger.  Nobody wants to be deceived, and while we can’t entirely prevent the complete possibly of this happening, we can take certain measures to limit the odds.

Let’s take a look at five ways that we can help prevent ourselves from getting Cat Fished:

1.  Avoid talking for more than two weeks without meeting.

Often time’s people who would like to meet one another get busy or have prior engagements.  This is understandable.  But when meeting the other person gets dragged out beyond two weeks, odds are much greater that something fishy is going on.  People who are truly interested in getting to know one another, will find a way to make time.

2.  Avoid long distance communication.

In a day and age where someone can sign on, and likely find hundreds of profiles that they have things in common with within 30 miles of their residence, why would anyone choose to message someone that lives hours away?  This reeks of suspicion.  Stick to men and women that live within 50 miles at most.  Otherwise you may be dealing with a person who has no intention of ever truly meeting.

3.  Avoid women who seem too good to be true.

Were you messaged by a woman who looks like she just popped straight out of a magazine?  Are all her pictures professionally done?  Does she seem like a perfect ten?  Well if you are good looking enough to attract this type of woman to message you first, all power to you.  But for ninety nine percent of the population, unless we are rich and attracting a complete gold-digger, its probably too good to be true.

4.  Avoid men and women who say they only want to text or email.

There is no reason for a male or female to rule out the possibility of ever talking on the phone.  This raises the question of why the person is so scared to let you here their voice.  And if they are telling the truth and will only text people they date, ask yourself, is this the type of woman you want to be in a relationship with anyway?

5.  Avoid men and women who always have an excuse for not meeting.

She got sick at the last second.  His car broke down.  Her father had an emergency trip to the hospital.  Those who Cat Fish will make plans and then disappear at the last second, contacting you days later with some crazy excuse.  Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment.  If something comes up every time you are supposed to meet, that’s more than just bad luck.  It’s a calculated deception.

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