Guest blogger, Paige (AKA our own personal dating expert), gives us the low down on how to own the relationship… or fling!

Just read a great relationship article from Huffington Post which has led me to come up with the latest round of advice I have for all your serial daters out there.

5 Ways to Own the Relationship

1. Play it cool. Don’t text him back immediately or agree with everything he says and does. Guys like a girl that has her own life, ambitions, interests and friends. Without turning him off, act a little bit aloof. Like the old adage says, guys love the thrill of the chase. Just don’t forget to leave a trail of crumbs.

2. Be up for anything. But it’s important to still have an opinion. If you don’t want to go see that action movie with him, be a good sport and go anyway but don’t pretend like it’s the one you would have chosen. Guys don’t want you to be exactly like them…that’s why you’re a girl. It’s important to compromise, but show that you have your own interests too, that way he’ll have to compromise with you sometimes.

3. Let him contact you. Don’t constantly text, IM or Facebook him. You have more important things to do than that right? If it’s his idea to contact you, he’ll mentally be more engaged in it anyway. Plus no one likes a nagging, desperate, clingy girl.

4. Don’t obsess. Load your social schedule with other things that way when he asks you out, you won’t be so readily available. And try to prevent yourself from thinking about him 24/7, you don’t want to psych yourself out.

5. Think like a guy. Guys have been known to be bad at texting you back because they’re too engrossed in the latest version of Halo or something. So do the same kinds of things. If you’re out with your girlfriends, be present in the moment, don’t be texting him the whole time or wishing he was there.

If all else fails, you decide when and how the fling ends. Remember, you’re the one who owned it the whole time anyway.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Is it easy to think like a guy?


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