1. Drink the free coffee from work

2. Pop pimples

3. Make plans with exboyfriend (s)

4. Order take-out ice cream

5. Lie about reasons for a day off

6. Go to Ultra

7. Eat McFlurries

8. Like pictures of exboyfriend (s) on Facebook

9. Like pictures on Facebook

10. Stay in to watch the Notebook

11. Stare at attractive couples on the street

12. Count gray hairs on boss’ head during meetings

13. Fantasize about attractive couples on the street

14. Eat out of tupperware

15. Eat pizza backwards/deconstruct sushi/not have baking supplies on hand always

16. Agree to go to birthday dinners

17. Drink out of same cup for weeks at a time

18. Wear jeggings

19. Wear leggings

20. Wikipedia

21. Refuse to go on birth control

22. Wink

23. Draw pictures of engagement rings in public

24. Consider someone like Jax a worthy candidate

25. Hide in bathroom

26. Buy fruit rollups

27. Talk shit about friends (lol)

28. Lie about evening plans

29. Send personal emails from work address

30. Shave with a disposable razor

31. Use Vaseline

32. Make plans with people that suck

33. Check in to fast food restaurants on Foursquare

34. Only use the elliptical

35. Book flights when drunk

36. Stay at work past 8 so can expense a cab

37. Stay at work past 8:30 so can expense dinner

38. Think that one extra cookie won’t mean anything

39. Try on eyeliner in Sephora without disinfecting it first

40. Rely on strangers to swipe in on the subway

41. Include high school extracurriculars on resume

42. Paint nails baby blue

43. Watch Grey’s Anatomy

44. Not have the Starbucks app

45. GChat about how much everyone next to you sucks

46. Try to fill the same prescription at CVS and Walgreens

47. Take shots of Fireball

48. Text while walking

49. Eat sushi from Whole Foods

50. Hook up with someone who doesn’t make you cum. 


Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.


  1. I never plan to stop drinking the free coffee at work. They brew Dunks for us.

    • Amanda xsirjfe Reply

      This article and others on this site do just the opposite of what Thought Catalog does…this site makes me feel so old, while theirs makes me feel young…back to TC!

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