1. Why is my boyfriend being such a douche bag?
  2. Why are my friends being such bitches?
  3. Maybe I’m being the bitch…
  4. OMG I’m such a bitch.
  5. Why am I so emotional?
  6. Oh, no…it’s that time…it’s coming….
  7. Great, better go to the store and buy some tampons.
  8. I can do that later, I have a few anyway.
  9. Oh my gosh, my face looks awful!
  10. I really want some chocolate.
  11. Ugh I hate being a girl.
  12. I hate life.
  13. I hate everyone.
  14. I hate everything.
  16. Sh*t! It’s here! And I never went to the store.
  17. Better go now.
  18. Yay now everyone is going to know I’m on my period.
  19. Maybe everyone will stay out of my way then.
  20. OooooHHHH I better get some chocolate while I’m out.
  21. I’m so going to enjoy eating this.
  22. I better grab a little more.
  23. UGH why does the line have to be so long? I just wanna go home and watch Netflix in my pajamas and eat this chocolate!
  24. Finally home!
  25. Where did the rest of my chocolate go?
  26. OMG, did I eat all of that, THAT fast?
  27. NO! I need more!
  28. OMG, I’m such a fatty.
  29. OMG I’m going to gain so much weight from this!
  30. I can already see it!
  31. Oh wait, I’m probably just bloated.
  32. But I’m going to look this way when I’m not bloated now because I just ate all of that chocolate.
  33. I need to go workout
  34. But I feel like crap, I can’t go workout.
  35. WAHHHH why does my body hate me?!
  36. It’s okay, I’ll just sit here in my fatness alone and have no one and just watch Netflix for the rest of my life.
  37. Who needs people when you have chocolate?
  38. *looks at phone* 5 texts, from babe, Jessica and Court…..forget em! I don’t want friends.
  40. I hate periods so much!
  41. I’m going to bed
  42. OMG wtf happened did someone get murdered in my bed?!?!
  43. What did I do to deserve going through this every month, honestly?
  44. Time to get myself together and go to work and pretend I’m not a hormonal mess.
  45. Thank God today is over, back in my pajamas.
  46. Can this be over?
  47. I’m starting to feel better…
  48. Maybe I can go back to the gym?
  49. Nah, better wait until tomorrow, I mean I did just bleed GALLONS of blood
  50. Okay I’m gonna go to the gym and get my life back together.
  51. Wow, I feel great!
  52. I made it through another month.
  53. I hope everyone doesn’t hate me now after being so dramatic.
  54. Hormones make me such a drama queen. I’m like a monster.

But on the bright side, hey…




Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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