Are you looking for the perfect way to spend a gorgeous summer day?

Consider visiting your local county fair this summer with your significant other, family or friends. The fair will definitely have something to offer for everyone regardless of their age and make for a very fun and inexpensive afternoon.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should visit your local county fair this summer.


1. You’ll get to choose from a wide variety of fried sweet treats.

County fairs offer the best fried sweet treats in this world.

They often have a wide variety of fried foods such as Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, ice cream, funnel cakes, pies, chocolate covered bacon and several other delicious treats. And the best part is they are often are very inexpensive. So, you can order as many fried sweet treats as your little heart desires.


2. You can drink lots and lots of booze for little money.

Several fairs have both beer and wine tents.

A huge plus is that you will have the opportunity to sample several different local beers and wines while paying a very small amount of money.

Photo 2

3. You’ll get to taste some of the world’s best Barbecue.

Cheeseburgers? Hot dogs? Bratwursts? Ribs? Beef Briskets?

Lets be realistic, who doesn’t want to stuff their face with some of today’s best barbecue dishes? Not only are going to be able to taste some mouthwateringly tasty plates, but you’ll also get to purchase all of the sides that go with the main entrees.


4. You’ll have the opportunity to shop for treasures at the fair’s flea market.

Flea markets are the absolute best because you’ll have the opportunity to look for both treasures and antiques, and purchase one of a kind items for next to nothing. Often vendors will also negotiate prices with you, so negotiate negotiate negotiate!

photo 4

5. You can attend all of the county fair shows for FREE.

In most cases, fairs offer a wide variety of different entertainment shows for FREE.

But honestly, the best shows are the pig races. It’s an absolute blast guessing which pig will win while watching all of the chubby pigs race.

Photo 5

6. You’ll get to ride an unlimited amount of carnival rides.

Carnival rides at fairs are the best, especially if you purchase the all exclusive carnival ride tickets. As that ticket will allow you to ride all the rides over and over again.




If you get the opportunity to visit your local county fair this summer, you won’t regret it. You’ll get to eat an enormous amount of fried sweet treats, drink lots of booze at little to no cost, get to taste some of the world’s greatest barbecue, shop till you drop at the flea market, attend all of the free shows and hop on all the fun carnival rides.


Photo 7

Trust me, there’s nothing better than a fried funnel cake from a county fair. 🙂






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