I was in my peak “princess years” when The Princess Diaries was released 15 years ago. If you’re in your 20s now and still haven’t seen it, celebrate with us – and pay your respects – as we watch and relive it for the umpteenth time.

Even though we’re all still secretly hoping our long lost Grandma will swoop down and bring us home to our castle, we love the movie as it is.

The big question is, would we millennials still appreciate it if it was made in 2016?


1. Regular Royal Updates.

Princess Mia’s Instagram will be filled with photos of her with other royalties and from sceneries from her Princess events and duties.

Having a feud with Lily? They’d probably be subtweeting each other on Twitter and unfriending one another on every existing social media platform. Only to resend requests after they resolve their issues.

Her scandalous beach party photos would have been splattered all over social media even before the tabloids came out the next morning. Lana Weinberger almost certainly uploaded the BTS video of them flipping the changing-room-tent on her Snapchat.

Details about her real identity will have spread faster over hash tags and gossip. Their cable car incident would’ve gone viral too.

Drama isn’t drama unless there’s internet proof. i.e. #KimExposedTaylorParty


2. Contemporary contraptions.

Lily’s cable show “Shut up and Listen” could record her talks using just her phone or a handheld digital camera.

Her episodes will be racking up views as a YouTube channel/ active vlog. She’d even have more subscribers than she did watchers on her cable TV show.

Jeremiah would be carrying around the latest MacBook model instead of his bulky blue iBook… that had a handle.

Have some dignity. Not even Leap Frog makes them like that anymore.



3. #royallyflushed.

How cute would it be to see photos of her and Michael that were personally uploaded by the Princess herself? But then again, they’d have to forfeit the luxury of privacy. Not to mention all the haters and bashers that live through their screens.

I’m pretty sure Mia can handle being a responsible princess and a good girlfriend at the same time.



4. Regal regalia.

Who even wears pantyhose nowadays?

Boyfriend jeans are in. So are high-waist pants. Slitted skirts.

As for their school uniforms, think Gossip Girl – school yard fashion.

But The Princess Diaries wouldn’t be the same without THE transformation. Her signature Doc Martens will never go out of style though. Same goes for her dreamy final princess dress. *heart eyes*



5. This wouldn’t have been a thing: “I can’t be a princess! I’m still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!

Her “Frida and Kahlo” eyebrows would actually be considered “on fleek”. Plus there are tons of tutorials everywhere on how to keep them well-groomed.

In this day and age, you don’t even have to wait. We have preteens looking like grown women, thanks to make up and cosmetic surgery procedures. All Princess Mia has to do is get herself a machine for an instant glo’ up. Goodbye flawed skin. Lack of cleavage no more!

Not that she desperately needs it or anything.



6. No one would have said “Her Royal Highness…” (HRH)

You mean QUEEN?

Finding out you’re an actual heir to the throne is really NBD anymore. By the way the word “queen” is being thrown around nowadays, you’d think everyone was of royal descent.

Prove to me that you can go a day without seeing the word “queen” as a caption or description on social media.
Clue: lovestruck boyfriend and his girl.

You can’t.


Being a princess never goes out of style and no one else could’ve done it better than Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. Mia’s life changed just as much as ours when Gary Marshall created our fairy tale that was The Princess Diaries.

It’s probably the only decade-and-a-half-old G-rated Disney movie grown women like us feel a deep love for.

Did you hear about the ~potential~ Princess Diaries 3 sequel?



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