Everyone Loves Homemade Baked Goods

For me, Christmas was and continues to be all about eating and being in the kitchen.  As Monica & Rachel do, I love to give out holiday treats as gifts to friends and family.  Although the rest of the gang argues that money is the best tip to give someone during the holiday season, I think a sweet holiday treat can go a long way.  As long as it doesn’t end up being a nuisance like Monica’s homemade candy.

There Is Nothing Happy About a Dead Christmas Tree

Even in Joey’s attempt to save all the unwanted trees for Phoebe there is nothing that bums me out more than seeing a tiny, pitiful Christmas tree.  The Charlie Brown version of a Christmas tree, it’s just sad.  Call me a scrooge if I refuse the wilted, empty tree with the limp branches…throw it in the chipper!

Phoebe’s Christmas Song Puts Mariah Carey to Shame


Gas Station Shopping Has Its Limits

I may be a “Rachel” when it comes to my gifts (yes I’m that particular) but I really wouldn’t know what to do if I was offered products from a gas station.  Sure, I could use some nice smelling air fresheners and condoms.  But let’s be real, if you are buying me something from a gas station…I’d rather it be a tank of gas with these prices.

Don’t Do Holiday Cards With A Boyfriend

It’s weird.  I side with Ross on this one—minus the whole having “that” conversation and giving someone a key only to have the locks changed—but the holiday card, it should only be done when there is a ring on your hand.  You can send a friendly note to all your loved ones but the whole cheesy picture at Central Perk…I don’t buy it.

Making Up Dance Routines Never Goes Out of Style

As an ex-dancer/ex-cheerleader, I feel like my body’s natural rhythm is to always be dancing.  Robot, Running Man, Pop Lock It Drop It.  The New Years Rockin’ Eve episode has to be one of my favorite episodes—reminding me of when my sister and I used to make up routines in our basement.  You have to hand it to the Gellar team—their routine is legit.







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 Happy Holidays From The Holiday Armadillo!!


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