We all remember The Hills, the shamefully addictive continuation of Laguna Beach (minus Steven and Kristen and Kristen’s friend who used to get cheated on by Jason who eventually dated Lauren). There were times where we loved LC, whipping out one-liners on the fly (or reading them off the script, whatev) about boys in combat boots and fake friends. With that, however, there were times we kind of wanted Lauren to stfu and rub some dirt in it.

1. When Heidi moved out because Lauren thought her boyfriend was the devil, and she’s still not over it.


2. When Brody hooked up with Jen Bunney to ruin Lauren’s life. But it wasn’t all Brody, Jen, it wasn’t.


And it was also Heidi because she set them up, and Lauren was all like


3. When Lauren kind of describes Spencer as someone would describe a serial killer on death row.


4. When Lauren broke up with Jason…okay I guess we can all relate to to this one. But lezbehonest Jason wasn’t your best friend, Lauren. Lo is your best friend.


5. When Audrina meets Heidi and foolishly tells Lauren…


And if you become friends with her…I’m gonna stab you in the back for real.

6. When Lauren and Audrina have “the talk” and she tells her she misses her even though she lives in the backyard…


Needless to say, we miss you Lauren, and all of your unnecessarily dramatic and exaggerated drama that seemingly surrounded your near perfect lifestyle. Come back, before the Kardashians take over.


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