At the age of 21, I met now my now husband. I was working at auto dealership while attending college, and when I  saw him I immediately was attracted to because,of his good looks, sense of humor, and outgoing personality. After 2 months of secretly liking him, he finally asked me out on a date. Our date went spectacular as we had great conversations, and shared lots of intimate details about our personal lives.

Following our first date, we dated 3 years, were engaged for 7 months, and we recently got married this past May. Our wedding took place on Sunday, May 1st 2016, and it was everything that I had ever dreamed of: beautiful, emotional, intimate, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here are the 7 decisions we made that made our wedding a huge success:


1. We hired both a violinist and a guitarist to play live music for our ceremony.

Both my husband and I knew we wanted to hire a violinist and guitarist to play live music for our ceremony. There’s just something unique and special about listening to beautiful live music, and we wanted share that experience with our guests.

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2. We did not just hire any DJ.

My husband and I did our homework and hired the absolute best DJ around. We hired an interactive DJ that was over top the top crazy, and our DJ made sure to bring the party with him to our wedding. He made everyone get out of their seats to dance, interacted with all of guests, and he even dressed up like Pitbull at one point.

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3. Our cake was not your typical wedding cake.

We decided to go with a Chevy themed wedding cake, as my husband works for Chevy, and we met there. Not only did we get a customized cake, we also decided to get a customized cake topper made to look exactly like us.

Photo 2


4. Our wedding favors actually severed a purpose.

For our favors, we decided to buy bride and groom chocolate covered pretzels. We strongly believed that our guests could enjoy a sweet treat during or after our reception and wouldn’t have the hassle of bringing some useless wedding favor trinket home.

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5. We shopped around until we found that perfect caterer. 

My husband and I know how important food is when it comes to a wedding. We spend a large amount of time speaking with different caters, as well as sampling their food out before we made any decisions. (A huge plus with our cater is they also did all of the decorating for the wedding, which I absolutely loved.)

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6. We did the dollar dance at our reception. 

The dollar dance is apart of my husband’s family tradition so, we decided to do the dollar dance at our wedding. It was an absolute blast, as it gave both of us the opportunity to dance with guests, as well as make a little cash for after the wedding!

Dollar Dance 1


7. All of our immediate family members and our bridal party were involved in some aspect of our wedding.

We made sure to include all of our family members, and bridal party in some way. As neither my husband or I have been married before, it was great gathering input to help us plan our big day.

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The moral of the story: Our wedding was a huge success, and it was everything that I have ever dreamed of.

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