Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. If you’re like a lot of twenty somethings, and still haven’t quite figured out how to show that special someone how much you care, don’t worry about a thing.  I am here to save the day.  Let’s take a look at some great tips for making this February 14th one worth remembering.

1. Go on a scavenger hunt.
Come up with a fun and quirky list of things that the two of you can find and do around your town, such as “most unhappy looking couple” and “strike a pose with a random stranger.” Spend your day together taking pictures of your findings and enjoying some quality time together.
2. Host a game night.
Another great way to have fun with a large group is to have a game night. Break out the classics or teach everyone something new. Not only is it fun and free, but it’s a great way to connect with someone you’re interested in if you’re single.

3. Go on a picnic.
Don’t go with simple PB & J sandwiches at the park – after all, this is Valentine’s day! Be sure to pack some special treats you know your significant other will love. Enjoy your feast somewhere with special significance for the two of you, or at a place with a spectacular view.

4. Enjoy a night in…
Make sure your Valentine’s night indoors, doesn’t turn into just another typical weeknight by putting in some extra effort. Make sure all the day’s chores are done so the two of you can truly relax together. Cook a special meal complete with theme decorations and candles for mood lighting, do the dishes, and snuggle up with his or her favorite movie.

5. …or spend the night out.
Sometimes it’s impossible to disengage from the stress of home life. If that’s the case, treat yourselves to a night in a nice hotel after a fun evening on the town. Without the pressure of bills and dirty laundry, who knows where the night could go!

6. Try something new together.
Have either of you ever dreamed of being a master chef or top-notch dancer? Try taking a fun dance or cooking class together for your date! You’ll bond over the shared experience of learning together, and what starts as a great date night could turn into a lifelong hobby the two of you can enjoy together.

7. Work up a sweat
Frigid winter temperatures shouldn’t keep you inside and turn into a couch potato! Get your blood pumping together by hiking, skiing, or ice skating outside together. The resulting endorphin high will leave you feeling great and potentially in the mood for more physical activity together later. Happy planning!

Joshua Pompey is an online dating and relationship expert, providing online dating advice to men all over the world. For more free information, including how to write the perfect online dating profile, click here now!


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