Let’s face it, most of us miss being a kid, as we miss participating in activities we would do as kids. A few of the activities we miss the most are watching our favorite cartoons, watching our favorite animated television shows and movies, as well as other childlike activities.

Just because we are all grown up, doesn’t mean we still can’t do the things we loved to do as kids. Here are 6 at home inexpensive date night activities that’ll make you feel like a kid again:


1. Color.

Consider coloring in a coloring book with your significant other. Not only is coloring one of the most fun activities in the world but, it allows you to express yourself, be social, and relieve tension, anxiety, and stress.

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2. Cook.

Think about cooking one of your favorite childhood meals. It can be as simple as making sloppy joes, tacos, cheeseburgers, chicken mcnuggets or any other meal you loved as a kid. And if your not at all into cooking, you can always go purchase a happy meal from your favorite childhood fast food chain.

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3. Bake.

Get out your Easy-Bake Oven and bake some yummy treats.

Really, there’s nothing better than filling up on cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet heavenly treats.

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4. Play Board Games.

Pull out all of the board games you use to play as kids. If you don’t still have them, head to your local thrift store because, they often sell the best board games at a reasonable price. (A few games you should be on the lookout for are Battleship, Candy Land, Clue, Sorry, Clue, Monopoly, and Pretty Pretty Princess.)

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5. Catch lighting bugs.

Catching lighting bugs can be fun with the love of your life. You two can enjoy the outdoors together and also make a bet on who will catch the most lighting bugs.

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6. Build a fort.

Building a fort growing up was likely one of your favorite childhood activities.

Consider building a fort as an adult with your other half, as you both can be creative, problem solve together, and you both will feel so accomplished once your fort is built.

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If you and your significant other have the opportunity, you should spend the night coloring in a coloring book, cooking one of your favorite childhood meals, baking sweet treats in your Easy-Bake Oven, playing one of your favorite board games, catching lighting bugs outside, building a fort, or spending your time doing another childlike activity. Because, not only will you and your significant other feel like kids again but, all of these activities are very inexpensive, and cost next to nothing.

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