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Most of us have been there — you’re out of college, your years of hard work having armed you with a diploma, ready to take on the world. Except, it’s been a few months, and your job search turned up squat. Or you did have your dream job (or at least a job that paid the bills), only to be laid off. Whatever the case, the bills you were diligently paying off are threatening to topple across your kitchen counter, and you’re tired of being unemployed. You call up that friend from a month ago who said they could help you out, and tell them you’ll take that job.

Having an “in-between” job isn’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, plenty of people make their careers out of “in-between” jobs and are happy doing so. However, even if you plan on leaving these jobs after something better comes along, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. After all, some of the perks are pretty great.


1. Bartending


Um, who’s cooler than the guy with all the booze? It’s not all a party; yeah, you work later than your friends, you can be criminally charged if you don’t police your patrons’ drinking, and sometimes you get stiffed. On the other hand, you get to leave with cash, have flexible hours, and meet good people. If you’re lucky, you might meet someone who could help you land your next job. Not only is bartending a great atmosphere for networking but working such a flexible job leaves your day free for productivity.


2. Retail Assistant


This is a little less glamorous, but if this is your only recourse to pay the bills, there’s no sense in being ashamed of it. You probably get discounts on whatever you’re selling, and maybe even commission. Look, it’s no secret that retail jobs suck. But you can make it through this. This isn’t a sign of how low you’ve fallen; it’s a sign of how much of a beating you can take and still be trying.


3. Barista

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This is basically a bartender but without a booze and late nights. Instead, it’s coffee and early mornings. If this is more your style, baristaing might be the way to go. There might be more opportunities here than meets the eye. Coffee is a must-have for many business people, so this is a great place to network! Additionally, Starbucks and ASU have teamed up to help students pay for college, so if you think an additional degree will help you in your job search, this might be the place to go.


4. Manual Labor


You might not be tempted to join up in fields like construction or landscaping, but doing so can give you a lot of practical experience, keep you in shape, and the satisfaction from working hard with your body. Just because a lot of women don’t look here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! And no one should ever be ashamed of doing a job that takes this sort of heart.


5. Ridesharing

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Get to know the town better, set your own hours, and it doesn’t require any special training, assuming that you already have a driver’s license. And there’s usually an additional fee for any special… clean ups you might have to do. You can start and stop driving at your leisure, splitting your shift up if necessary. Some companies don’t have the greatest reputation right now, but there are plenty of ridesharing platforms you can sign up through.


6. Being That Annoying Girl on Facebook


You know who I’m talking about. She invited you to a group, and you accepted, because hey, she’s been your friend for a few years now. But you quickly realized the point of this group was to sell you something, or to recruit you to sell something, and now you just keep scrolling whenever you see her picture. You might hear your mom’s voice screaming, “PYRAMID SCHEME” every time you think about buying one of her products or joining up, but as long as you don’t make money directly off recruiting someone, it isn’t a pyramid scheme. While you might be reluctant to badger friends and family, this can be an easy way to make some side money if you do it right.



Apparently, there are some people out there who likes kids. Given that you can tolerate them, this can actually be a sweet gig. You make lunches, review some basic math maybe, and then get paid! Some nanny gigs also provide you with a place to live, so that’s a big advantage if you’re looking to get out of the house!

You will eventually get a big girl job — it just might take a little longer than you were expecting. There’s no shame in taking something to tide you over. We all need that extra push, and all of these options are totally legitimate ways to get back on your feet again. And who knows, you might find something you really like!


Dayton socializes for a living and writes for fun. Her rarely relevant degree gives her experience in political science, writing, Spanish, rugby, theater, coding, and spreading herself too thin. She will forever be a prisoner of her family’s business, doomed to inherit responsibility despite frequent existential protests.

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