1.    Making friends is imperative.

Obviously, finding a job and place to live are up there too. But no matter how cool a city is, it’s not nearly as fun when you go do awesome things by yourself. So go make those friends and then maybe they can help you find that job you are so in need of.

2.    Don’t be overly shy or passive.

If you are out and meet a girl that you are just dying to be BFFs with, then get her number! It’s not weird, I promise. Everyone wants more friends and people to adventure with. So pursue that girl crush! And the same goes for if you meet a cute guy that you really click with because you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

3.    Meetup.com is a good tool to use.

You may not have heard of it but it’s basically a website that you can join where you become part of various groups that organize events. Like hiking? Shopping? Drinking? Trying to meet a new special someone? Well, there are groups for all of those that throw events just for you! I promise it’s worth trying…the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t find an interesting person to talk to and go home. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

4.    Still be cautious when giving your number out.

When you first get to a new city, you may be inclined to give your number out to anyone who asks all in the name of making friends. Well, speaking from experience now, DON’T. Some awkward guy may claim that he will be able to find you a job at his company and then will just start spamming you with invites to “after parties” at his apartment.

5.    Let yourself get lost sometimes.

Getting confused and lost in a new city is pretty much the best way to learn your way around it. You have to figure out all the side street routes back to your apartment during rush hour somehow, right? So if you have some extra time on your hands, try to find your way to that cool bar downtown by yourself. But always keep your GPS handy for when your attempts don’t go so well…

6.    Utilize public transportation.

When you’re in a place other than New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco, public transportation isn’t exactly something you think to use. But it is there in every city you go to! Some may be sketchier than others, so do your research first. But it is so exciting when you learn that you can take a bus, from right outside your apartment, for $1 downtown instead of a cab for $20.

7.    Make an effort and the hassle of moving will be worth it.

No one can guarantee that you’ve made the right decision when moving to a new city. But it is up to you to make that move a positive one. You can’t just pack your life up, drive across country, and then sit in your apartment waiting for things to happen. No one knows you there yet so you need to go out, do those silly tourist things, and make people know you. Don’t be passive. The hard part of deciding where to go and actually moving your life are over, but now you need to establish a life for yourself. So be active and make it happen.


Rachel Woolslayer graduated in June 2012 from UC San Diego with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business. After spending a year working as the Marketing Assistant for a trivia company in San Diego, she decided it would be a great idea to quit her job and move to Austin, Texas with her best friend from college. While she will always be a California girl, she has enjoyed embracing the Texas lifestyle, y'all...well, minus the ridiculous heat, and the bugs. Aside from that, she has a wanderlust that won’t quit and is constantly planning her next adventure. In her free time, she enjoys pretending to be friends with her favorite celebrities, getting too emotionally involved in her TV shows, and knowing way too much pop culture. Feel free to see if she has remembered to tweet recently at @Rauncheezy.

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