So you met another woman who you were vastly disappointed with upon meeting.  She wasn’t at all what you expected from a visual standpoint.  Not even close.  Even worse, her personality is nothing like you thought it would be.  You leave your date as disappointed as ever with online dating, wondering why you have such bad luck when it comes to meet women.

Well the truth is, even though many women can be deceiving with the pictures that they put up, sometimes we have nobody to blame but ourselves for a bad encounter.  Photo galleries often clue us in to red flags that we should be on the lookout for, and it is our responsibility to catch them before committing to a first date. Let’s take a look at seven red flags that can be found in female profiles.

1.  The crazy angled photo gallery.
Ever see a profile where every picture is taken at a strange and unique angle?  There is a reason for this.  These women are trying to hide their imperfections by using camera tricks.  Its okay if there are one or two pictures at strange angles, as long as there are other pictures as well that show her from top to bottom.   If that is not the case, you are probably being deceived.

2.  The single picture photo gallery.
There is no reason for any woman to post just one picture in the day and age of Facebook.  This is as clear a sign as any that something fishy may be going on.

3.  The she looks different in every picture photo gallery.
This is always a bad sign.  If you want to know which of the five different people that she really looks like, the rule of thumb is, she will likely look like the least attractive picture.

4.  The alone in the bathroom mirror photo gallery.
Her photo gallery has picture after picture with her in random poses and taking pictures through her bathroom mirror.  Most girls who take these types of pictures, with no other pictures to compliment them, are not exactly the classy type.   A photo gallery should have a wide variety of pictures that show your potential date in all aspects of life, not just her bathroom.

5.  The over-sexualized photo gallery.
She is extremely attractive, but is wearing practically nothing in her photos.  Odds are, this is not the type of girl you want to bring home to mom, nor is it the type of woman you want to enter a relationship with.  There is no reason for a woman to be half naked in a profile that is visible to the entire world.  The amount of red flags that will emerge from this type of person are endless.

6.  The no friends are in any pictures photo gallery.

If there are five or more pictures, and she is alone in all of them, one must raise the question, how many friends does this person actually have in real life?

7.  The no picture photo gallery.
This one should be completely obvious, but anyone who is online dating in this day and age and doesn’t have a picture up, should be avoided at all costs.  Even if they have a reason, such as, they like their privacy and will send you pictures, ask yourself the question, do you really want to date someone that is so intense about privacy?  This can easily translate towards being intense and uptight about many other aspects in life.

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