The 4th of July is about three things: grilled meat, getting day drunk, and being festive as hell. Celebrate #murica this summer with these super patriotic adult beverages.

jello firecracker shots 2_thumb[2]Firecracker Jello Shots (At the Picket Fence)
Nothing says “I just graduated college, but I’m still trying to be fancy” like a layered jello shot. Impress all your friends with these deliciously patriotic jellies. Spoiler alert: I made them for my 4th of July bash this year, and they’re great. Just make sure your jello has cooled down a bit before you try to layer or the colors will bleed.

slushie11Red, White, and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slushies (And They Cooked Happily Ever After)
Counteract the heat at your Independence Day BBQ with a layered slushy. Trust me, this is a thousand times better than that time you went to 7-11 on free Slurpie day, mixed all four flavors together, and added a nip of malibu rum that you stole from your parents liquor cabinet in high school.

4th-of-July-SurpriseAmerica: The Sangria
This one is for the ladies! Another one of my favorite 4th of July bevs, this sangria is easy to make, very refreshing, and super impressive (it has pineapples cut into stars! WHAT?!).


Berry Ice Cubes (B Lovely Events)
Maybe you don’t love sweet cocktail. That’s cool, man. Freeze your favorite patriotic berries in ice cube trays and use them to spruce up an otherwise unamerican vodka tonic!

FNM_070110-Party-Opener-001_s4x3_lg-1Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktails (Pizzazzerie)
I know right?! It’s like fireworks in your mouth. Use blue pop rocks and any red cocktail (or red pop rocks and a blue cocktail…go crazy!). You can even add berries to make it extra fancy.


Berry Stomp Cocktail (All Parenting) 
If you’re looking for a large batch cocktail recipe that loves America just as much as you did going into the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game on Tuesday, try this yummy blend of muddled fruit, vanilla vodka, Grand Marnier, and soda water. It’s light, refreshing, and oh-so-pretty.


Boozy American Popsicles (The Editorialite)
Do you guys remember Rocket Pops? This is like the drunk person’s version of that. Made with blue curacao, rum, cream of coconut, strawberries, and grape juice, these popsicles will cool you down and get you pleasantly buzzed. What more could you possibly want?



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