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This past May, I married the most amazing man on this planet. We had been together for over 3 years and I was absolutely thrilled when he finally popped the question.

After becoming engaged, I couldn’t wait to figure out who was  going to be standing up with us at our wedding. My now husband and I already knew who was going to be our flower girl and ring bearer as those decisions were easy. But, we agreed that he would be choosing all of his groomsmen and I would be choosing all of my bridesmaids.

It was a very tough decision choosing each bridesmaid, as I honestly wish I could have chosen more people to stand up in our wedding. However, I was beyond thrilled with each girl I selected to join our wedding party and I was truly blessed with such an outstanding group of beautiful ladies.

Here are 7 tough questions to ask yourself before choosing each bridesmaid.


1. Whose been there for me throughout both the good and bad times?

Only consider those friends and family members who have stuck with you for both the good and bad times. Because those few are the ones who know you the best and will likely continue to be there for you in the future.


2. Who knows me the absolute best?

Think about asking those you know you inside and out. Trust me, it is going to be so much easier if your bridesmaids understand exactly what you want and do not want for your upcoming wedding.


3. Who’s willing to set aside the time it takes to attend all of my wedding related functions?

There’s several wedding related events your bridal party will have to attend. It’s important to make sure your bridesmaids are willing to set time aside to attend all of your wedding related functions.

You’ll need all of them to attend your bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and any other wedding related functions you may host.


4. Who can I rely on to assist me with wedding related tasks?

Besides your mom, consider who would may be most willing to help you plan your big day and  can assist you with any wedding tasks.

A few tasks that, my bridesmaids assisted me with was giving me their input on things, writing out seating place cards, making a family collage, and other various tasks.


5. Who’s willing to go out of their way to ensure my wedding is a huge success?

Consider who is going to care enough to help you out in any way to ensure your wedding is a huge success. You want a bridesmaid who is passionate, hard working, and determined to ensure your wedding is a huge success and goes smoothly.


6.Who do I want standing up in my wedding and representing me in the very best way possible?

Think of who you can trust to represent you in the very best ways possible at your wedding. You’re going to want your bridesmaids to be classy, elegant, graceful, well-spoken, and  ladylike as they are going to be a strong representation of you.


7.Who’s going to stick around and play a large role in my future?

After your wedding, try to imagine whose going to play a large role in your life. Especially, if you plan on moving into a new house, getting a new job, or decide to have children, your going to want to make sure your bridal party is just as involved in your future as they were with the wedding.

After asking myself the above 7 questions, I was beyond satisfied with the girls I selected to be apart of my big day. All of my bridesmaids looked beautiful, elegant and classy and I was so proud to call them my bridesmaids on my big day.

All of the girls arrived to my wedding cheerful, considerate, and hard-working. They were all so willing to help out in any way possible to ensure my wedding was a huge success and I could not have dreamed of selecting a better group of girls to stand up in my wedding.

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