My husband and I recently became first time parents to the cutest little boy on this planet.

Becoming a first mom at the age of 25 years old has been one of the absolute best experiences of both my husband’s and my life. Here are seven reasons why becoming a parents in your 20’s is the best:

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1. Becoming a parent will bring you and your significant other closer together.

Let’s face it, having a child with your significant other is going to be one of the greatest experience’s of your life. Not only because you’ll become new parents together, but because you two will learn how to take care of a baby with one another. A few simple things you’ll enjoy learning together are feeding, diapering and comforting, as well as other baby related tasks.

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2. You’ll become more responsible.

Yes, you’re probably responsible already, as you’re in your twenties. But taking care of a baby comes with wayyy more responsibility. You will constantly be making sure your baby is happy and well taken care of. In sum, your baby is your first priority.

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3. You’re going to have an excuse not to go places you don’t want to go.

Having a child is the perfect excuse for not going somewhere during your free time. Not all of us like to party anymore, especially after having a child. Therefore, plan a night to stay home to take care of the baby, binge out on junk food with your significant other and enjoy some family time.

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4. You’ll totally become closer to your parents after becoming a new parent.

Becoming a new parent is extremely tough, as you will know nothing about everything. But your parents will give you the best advice about all things baby-related. Expect tips on baby gear, feeding, bathing, diapering, clothing, soothing, sleeping, and most importantly, staying sane.

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5. You’re going to be more marketable when making new friends.

Your friends without babies will always remain a huge part of your life, but now you’ll be way more susceptible to making friends with other new parents. You guys may connect over your parenting styles or things your children have in common.

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6. You’ll get to feel like a kid again while hanging out with your baby.

After you have your baby, you have the opportunity to do baby-like activities with your baby. This includes playing with them and their toys, watching their favorite television shows, and of course taking naps with them. Who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?

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7. You’re going to LOVE watching your baby grow up.

You and your significant other are going to be so blessed with the opportunity to watch your little baby grow up right in front of your eyes. You’re going to see your child’s first smile, hear his or her funny giggle and witness him or her crawl, stand and walk. You will hold those milestones dear.




Overall, I am thrilled that I am a first-time parent in my mid 20s. Becoming a parent has brought me closer to my husband, made me more responsible and has given me excuses to skip a night out when I’d much rather be at home. The experience has also allowed me to become closer to my parents, make new friends and  feel like a kid again. Best of all, I get to watch my son grow up. 🙂


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